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I think what you describe is probably an experience most women have had with any business that has a majority male workforce. Men are different to women and despite what modern societal norms are, it's not easy to undo millions of years of male mammalian behavioural traits in three generations. A lot of human behaviours are biologically influenced through evolution. As hard as it may be to imagine for a woman, most men find it easier to have a conversation with another man than a woman. A man that can talk easily to a woman is usually confident of their own abilities and may have either natural leadership and/or predatory skill sets, both of which can be appealing to the woman they are talking to. A positive result hones that skill set further. Conversely, some women are able to exploit a man's protective nature using the perception of vulnerability to manipulate a situation to her desired outcome. I have seen this happen at a Jeep dealership and found myself handing over the keys for the Grand Cherokee loaner I was supposed to have and taking her Neon loaner instead because my senses were still stunned.


I don't think the 'silly girl' aspect is always something deliberate. I think it is a symptom of a missing piece of vital communication. A bit like the early days of the internet when we heard the audible beeps of a modem negotiating a compatible link speed. For some men, they draw on their prior experience of failing to negotiate a compatible link and don't bother trying any more. I spent some time as a single-parent dad and had a similar experience in female dominated environments where my ability to be taken seriously as a parent was automatically dismissed just because I am male. Accepting that there is a difference between men and women and all of the blends in between is a problem for everyone. Once there is acceptance, work can be done on creating the compatible interfaces to enable communication between the dissimilar systems to work correctly and reliably.


I am not trying to excuse bad behaviour. I recognise the challenges caused by my own behaviour with my partner. If I am not understood within the first few seconds of explaining something technical, there is no point talking any further because she has already stopped listening. It's just bla-bla-bla. I get frustrated because she doesn't understand me. I would say we are of equal intelligence, she would say she was smarter. We are just different. I will go away, think some more and come back with a diagram or sequence of diagrams to help explain what I am trying to communicate. It is difficult finding common language terms and concepts even when you are both native English speakers. At least one person has to take the lead in making the breakthrough. When successful, the most common reply I get is "I understand that now. Why didn't you say that in the first place".


Consider these approaches each with a different communication protocol. A woman has a car that has a scheduled service soon and needs a fault investigated and fixed.

  • "Hello, I'm dropping my car off for it's service. It hasn't been starting well this week, can you check it over? What time shall I collect?"
  • "Hello. My Wrangler keys (handing them over). It has a new starting problem. These are the three DTC's recorded (handed on paper). I think it's either a glow plug or a module failure. Do the service, then check over these DTCs. If I am right, and it's an obvious glow plug fault, go ahead and repair it. If it's anything else call me before proceeding further. I will be back at 5pm to collect."
  • "Hello. After you have serviced my Wrangler can you fix the starting problem. I think it could be a bad glow plug or module. Call me if you cannot fix it today."
  • "Hello. My Jeep hasn't been starting well this week. If you have time while servicing it can you check it over?"

Do you think they will have the same outcome?

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Thank you V, you have said a lot there that is very sensible and I agree with, a different perspective and very valid ones. 
yes woman can be just the same, single male parent, difficult.I Understand. 😊

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I guess we all own Jeeps because they are different/niche - certainly its one of the things that appealed to me when I got mine from new.  The wrangler is not like any other modern car, I always think its more like an agricultural vehicle because its designed to go off-road, which as per MGomes experience, doesn't really compute at a dealership.  


Most of the cars I've had were through corporate car schemes, so Audi / BMW / Mercedes / Renault / Vauxhall / Ford and I always found the service experience pretty poor on new cars (Audi were the best).  I then owned a few of my own cars and decided that independents were so much better, I've only taken my Jeep to the dealers for warranty repairs for the leaky roof.



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Dear All,


The feedback positive or negative is greatly appreciated at the club level. We have contacts at Jeep HQ and if a trend (good service, poor service) at a particular Jeep dealer forms we let them know. It also helps other members looking for new/used/service.


Please note it is very important that if and when you get the survey from Jeep HQ that you let them know! (You may get one from the dealer first. A sign of the importance of the one that will follow from HQ. Those ratings carry a lot of weight.


Jim O.

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