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Found 5 results

  1. As a few know (if you had patience to read my posts) I have gad a few issues with my local dealership with Hank the Rubicon… issues are (I hope) now resolved, this seems to be the correct place to share my experience dealing with this “official dealership”. If you do not want to read the whole post, take my advice, steal clear away form this dealership: The Customer Service is appalling (no updates whatsoever) I would state they are not fit to support any Jeep that is used for greenlaning, definitely do not understand Rubicons Every time they had my car, they broke something or failed to spot something obvious Seem to be alerting to the fact that Rubicons can go off-road and have an OK waving capability Experience #1 (September/October 21) Jeep broke down on the road, full “Christmas tree experience” - all warning lights came up, car stopped and did not start again. Called RAC to start with (long story but the dealership where I bought the car did not explain what was the process to request support in warranty), I also called the dealership (as a matter of courtesy and to explain the issue and that they would receive a car that needed to be looked at. Also checked if I could get a loan car for the time, immediate response was “You did not call Jeep recovery, so you are not entitled to it” - frustrating but they had a point re process (as much as in my mind I was saving them money…) They received the car and did not look at it for a few days (had to chase them daily) - but initial response was “the car has been off-road, this voids warranty”, and stated “the ABS is flooded, it will be £600 just to diagnose… off course, as a responsible Rubicon owner this made me angry immediately, called Jeep CS (always really nice and supportive by the way) - after a few calls backwards and forwards Jeep CS decided to cover the costs of the repair as a “good will gesture”, no replacement car, but no cost to repair. 3 weeks into it the dealership called me and confirmed the car had been fixed. Root cause was a faulty earth connection on the ABS system (nothing related with the original diagnosis that made the warranty “void”) I went to pick up the car and drove back home (30 miles), before we left they had to change a couple of sensors as I had a few alerts/sensors that were giving problems (boot open / no auto/start) - finally left and on the drive home I noticed that the car was overheating, quite a lot… asI was driving in the middle of nowhere, I did the classic “crank heating to max” and drive slowly (with windows open as it was warm). This time, I arrived home and called Jeep CS, they sent a Jeep Mechanic (2 actually) and they looked at the car and confirmed that there was no anti-freeze in the cooling system, they checked for leaks and there were none… Car had to be taken down to the dealer again, and no explanation how a car leaves the dealership without standard checks that the car is safe to drive… took them another 2 weeks to fix this matter. Jeep CS confirmed to me that the “fix” reported by the dealership was “washing the engine bay” (and doing this damaged bonnet insulation…) NOTE - The root cause was mud stuck in the back of the radiator, this would have not been a warranty matter, and I would have been happy to pay hadn’t it been for the dealers gross negligence… I spoke with the Service Manager and explained that I was looking to create a relationship with a dealership that I would trust, but these matters were not helping, I agreed to service the car there once more to give them an opportunity… I kept my world and serviced the car there on the 23rd December 2021 Experience #2 (January/February 2022) So… once week after the car was serviced at Snow’s I was at a petrol station and got the “Christmas Tree experience” once again, and the car did not start… Called Jeep recovery requested recovery - again called the dealership as a matter of courtesy and told them the car would be heading their way, and that I would need a car (as Hank is my daily drive) - first comment was “we can only provide the car for you once we look at it and it will take us 2 weeks to look at it”… I called Jeep CS and escalated the matter, again, super helpful team and they confirmed I should get a car as the car still has 2 years warranty left… interesting fact was that the service manager asked Jeep CS to verify if my car had been “anywhere near water”… (when the Jeep CS asked me this they apologised…) Took 4 days for the loan car to be arranged (due to the fact Snow’s Jeep had “forgotten” to request a rental for me despite the fact they had been instructed to do so…) - the car was again at the dealership for 5 weeks… throughout this time I spoke more with Enterprise (the rental was from them) as they were getting updates form the dealership stating the car was ready, but every time I spoke to Jeep CS the told me to hold as they needed additional details on the matter… The fix: 1 broken fuse… (and I now have the bonnet fuse box with one of the plastic clips broken - pictures taken and escalation to Jeep CS to be sent today… Overall experience - incredibly poor, this second time I received NO updates from the dealership, not even one email/phone call… needless to say I am hoping there is nothing wrong with the car, but they managed to send me the car back with a few changes (compared to when I delivered it to them: CB Radio was removed and left on the floor Tow Bar power adaptor removed and left on the cup holder Secondary battery was drained and needed re-charge… Broken clip on fuse box Battery isolator not added Not going back and will share this incredibly poor experience with anyone as this is not what we want from a main dealership - poor representation of a brand that we all care about…. If you got this far - well done!
  2. Hi fellow Jeepers, I have decided to upgrade my suspension at Buzz SP at the first week of February and consequently my wheels and tyres are going to change as well. So before I advertise from various portals I'd like to ask here that maybe anyone interested in buying a set of Rubicon wheels & tyres. 17" wheels have wrapped by 33" (I think) BF Goodrich KM2 mud-terrain tyres. (will give more information on size) I am looking for £1100 for 5 and I don't mind to travel if it is a reasonable journey I'll be giving more information as soon as I'm back home regarding the condition of tyres but as you can expect spare tyre is not used and others made 5500miles on tarmac mostly.
  3. Hello UK Jeep Owners & Lovers, We are Kristen and Lauren - two Americans who are in the midst of moving to the UK where we'll reside with our 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon ("Lola") overland build. Lola started her trip from Washington, DC to the UK in mid-December and is somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean coming your way, while we're scheduled to arrive in Harrogate the first week of February. We are both very active in the Jeep community here in the United States, so we're looking forward to joining the niche Jeep community in the UK soon. Our travels have been documented on our website / blog and Instagram, so check them out if you're interested in seeing our build. We've virtually met many of you on Instagram, but are excited to meet you all in person and hit some lanes soon. Fingers crossed that we'll be the only LHD orange Jeep Rubicon in the UK Curious to hear from others who live in the Harrogate / North Yorkshire area, as we'll want to hit some trails soon! Cheers from the US and see you all soon, Kristen, Lauren & Lola the Jeep
  4. How to spend a long weekend better then working on Jeep? So as soon as my runner board arrived it was time to install them. So the manual said 1 hot for installation. It took around 3 hours for me. I followed these basic steps; install-remove-install. But since we are not tall people I am very satisfied with the outcome and looking forward to see their off-road performance.
  5. Deniz

    New Joiner

    Hi Guys, I am Deniz and we finally made our long term dreams true. We just bought our first Jeep, a Punk'n Orange (love at the first sight) Wrangler Rubicon JLU, in December and I am sure we will be loving it when we get from service back. To explain the situation right after a week of ownership we got a check engine light and since then we are waiting the parts to be replaced. That is the reason I cannot share any pictures with you guys. So we are living in Mitcham Junction if anyone is around and we will be looking forward to meet you guys when everything turns somehow normal (hopefully).
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