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    Have you got your ticket? Thanks to our friends at GearAmerica one lucky member will be taking home a brand new recovery kit at our upcoming event! This is some of the kit we put to the test recently at Hawkestone Park. Details will be announced at the event. #havefun #staysafe #driveajeep at #jeepownersclubuk #jocweekendadventure
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    Well it has been 16 months since my JKU 75th went in for warranty repairs. It is back, with a new front axle, lots of transmission work and new cam chains and much more. I have missed the group, members and events and look forward to meeting you all again as soon as events permit and are closer to the east mids. Now I just have to get driving and make sure nothing else goes wrong or lights start glowing at me. To commemorate the JKU missing in action, I had a photo turned into a 6ft wide painting. This was taken at an event at Tong, when two guys asked if I would have my 75th Anniversary Edition in the photo with theirs. Kris Hardy is the artist and just thought I would share it here. (Ignore the whisky below)
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    Hi Everyone Here is hoping that this finds you and your families safe. Given the restrictions and guidelines this year, we have not been able to get out and do our normal reccies for green lanes. Also, social distancing rules out our fabulous marquee, BBQ, live band and charity auction. BUT, with Jeep being the unstoppable legend and in the spirit of the brand we all love we WILL be holding the Jeep Owners Club Weekend Adventure. The main event consists of a small but unused off road site in the Slindon Valley for our private member only use on Saturday the 15th of August. This site is ideal for us to hold recovery and winch training. And then the next day the popular Slindon Safari 4x4 site on Sunday the 16th of August where we will have our very own Sophie on hand conducting 4x4 tuition and no shortage of opportunities to catch up with other members, latest mods, best deals etc. 4x4 Driver Instruction Drive the Slindon Safari 4x4 site Winch Training Tickets for the Jeep Owners Club Weekend Adventure are: £36 for VIP members, £48 for Gold members, £56 for Silver members. Advance ticket sales only, and your ticket is for the weekend whether you choose to attend one or both days. You must be a member of the club (easy to join) and road legal Jeeps only. So, two days of offroad site privately hired for members only, recovery and winch tuition on Saturday, 4x4 tuition on Sunday included with your ticket, , a small goody bag and of course meeting up with fellow awesome members of our club! There will be a burger van at each site too. Joining instructions will be sent to paid ticketholders closer to the event. Camping Optional Camping Thursday 13 August to Sunday 16 August: Very limited camping spaces are available this year, but we managed to reserve a block of safely spaced pitches at a full service campground. You need to book directly and pay the campsite directly and tell them you are with the Jeep Owners Club when booking in order to get our club discount and access to our section. These twenty spaces are first come first serve and at a discounted rate of £20 per night for two people, tent and Jeep or £25 per night for one of only four hardstanding pitches with electric hook-up. Again, you will need to book directly with Washington Camping and Caravan Site on 01903892869 ask for Karen and say Jeep Owners Club for our reserved section and discount. Once these are gone they’re gone. Saturday Night Special Wild Camping: After our first off road day finishes at 5pm, and for those who wish to camp in the wild with no facilities, you can do so for £10 at the main Slindon site. This needs to be pre-booked and paid for in the JOC shop. After the offroad driving ceases at 5pm Saturday there will be strictly no driving of the site trails after that time given the restrictions (and immediate neighbours that include the site owner.) We hope that you can appreciate the amount of effort that has gone into holding any type of event this year. Everyone is looking forward to meeting up and having a great time. *Ticket is per road legal Jeep, entitles you to Saturday and Sunday offroad sites, 4x4 tuition, winch and recovery tuition. *Limited optional camping is available to self-book at Washington Camping and Caravan or Saturday night only wild camping booked and paid through the club. Tickets On Sale now in the JOC Store BOOK NOW
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    1970 Dodge Coronet R/T, mine since 1998. 440ci (7.2 litres)
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    Thanks guys and thanks Jim for the PM. Again, I see your group has some good American ties so I'm really happy to meet up with everyone, it sounds like you have a good group going! See you all on Sunday the 16th (can make the Saturday), I'll be in a metallic green TJ. I just bought it and for it's age it's got to be one of the cleanest Jeeps I've ever seen, I don't think it's ever even seen a dirt road. I can't wait to pop it's off-roading cherry I like this photo as it will NEVER look this shiny ever again! Rick
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    Tickets booked, Washington campsite also booked, see you all there
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    Just joined and here is my new JL Rubicon and I look forward to meeting up at the next event
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    Hi Everyone, I’m really thrilled to be back into Jeep again! I moved here from the US (originally from upstate NY). So as this is Land Rover country I tried my best to fit in and amalgamate with the local mafia of mud but it simply wasn’t working. So before I said the wrong thing and was ‘swimming with the fishes’, I decided to buy myself a project TJ and return to my family (OK last mafia quote I swear Back in the states I’ve had a string of XJ’s and was involved in JeepSpeed for a while and was astonished at the amount of breakage, but it’s all in good fun. The majority of my Jeep experience actually comes from working on my friends farm in Upstate NY each weekend as the primary skidder to get trees to heat the greenhouses throughout winter during in the brutal cold of the snow belt. It was a real working farm up in Amish country, 380 acres and no shortage of stupidity and mayhem, a perfect environment for a Jeep! However now that I’m in the UK I’m really tempted to compete in Comp Safari racing, the Wales and Scottish Hill rallies, and my all time Holly Grail has to be to compete in the Breslau Rally one day (or something equally stupid). However I’m struggling to find a good fabricator but I’ll leave the build questions for another thread. Anyway I’m really looking forward to meeting many of you on August 16th! Rick Kiesel P.S. I’m living in North London, Muswell Hill
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    Hello Guys I have just signed up and paid for this weekend. Yay! I’m so looking forward to it. PAUL
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    Nice! My uncle renovated classic bikes. Lost one of his heels when the stand came down on a Norton Commando powering through a bend and hitting a tree. Had a Triumph Silver Jubilee, Norton Commando, Royal Enfield 250 Continental with drop bars, and a 750 two stroke (Douglas?) that came fourth in the IOM TT behind some of the first big jap 4s.
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    While I wait for a nice man to press my cam bearing in on the Jeep, I've done a few mods on my Bonneville T120 (2016). The brakes were okay, but nothing to get brave with, especially if I'm carrying a stack of luggage and a passenger. The original rigid swirly discs also look like part of a food processor. The new ones from Free Spirits Motorcycles (via ARH Customs in the UK) are fully-floating and good-looking (in my opinion) and the fronts are 20mm bigger and the rear 10mm bigger. I've bought some progressive front springs that'll go in next time I have a day off. Should I put my entire Jeep build on the Triumph forum??!!
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    So finally with avoiding the odd rain shower the uca's are on along with a new wheel hub assembly. Fitting was straight forward the only mod being i had do put a 9/16 drill down the tapered hole for the balljoint to open up the end slightly to allow new one to fit. Which only removed the smallest amount of material. Overall very pleased with it drives a whole lot better now (no bump steer at all). have the piece of mind that they wont fail like some of the horror stories ive seen with standard arms also having greasable balljoints and bushing is a nice touch.
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    I have already tried that one a few times with no luck. Thanks for the advice and the email addresses, its very much appreciated Last desperate option is going to be trying to work out the time differance and possibly ring them . only good thing is I paid through PayPal so if worst comes to worst I should be able to get my money back ............ possibly
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    Hi guys Over the winter I’ll modding my jeep from overland into something I can trash in the mud. Frist step is to remove things that add weight and I won’t need anymore. Therefore, over next few months I will be posting some things for sale. First to go are: - Front 1.25" ADDCO Performance Anti-Sway Bar with Heavy Duty custom made front sway bar link with easy disconnects. Sway bar imported in 2018 for over £350, custom links made same year for £250. Sway bar is plug and play on petrol engines, diesel require lowering sway bar (lowering blocks included). All in good used condition. Whole set for £300 - Expedition box - custom made from old ammo box and painted with black raptor paint. Very tough and sturdy. External size - 125 x 60 x 22cm - £100 - Trunk storage system – custom made to fit my WJ. Tray for the cooler / fridge, there is space for second battery on the left hand side along with power control unit. Behind the fridge is additional storage space accessible from the passenger area. Flap in the floor allows access to spare wheel compartment. 4 hooks to attach cargo net etc. The way its organised allows you to fold one of the seats and use the space as a sleeping area - £120. I can include cooler and small solar battery with controller for additional £50 Roof rack you can see on the photos might be for sale as well. Haven’t decided if it’s worth the additional weight. Both front and rear metal fenders will be replaced with smaller pipe fenders so in the near future I will get them here as well.
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    @PDB thats my Netflix getup. It means I'm rolled up no my sofa throw and not moving for 3 to 8 hours... I actually watched the entire Season of Cursed back to back
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    Hi and welcome for another 2016 Hydro Blue Rubicon owner
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    Hi, Thought I’d introduce myself. David, from Northamptonshire. Jeep is a 2016 Hydro Blue Rubicon with a few mods. Owned it from new and its been through a few revisions! AEV 2.5” lift, Quadratec wheels, 33” BFG AT’s, JW Speaker lights all round, Teraflex trackbar and door hinge / wheel carrier. Its my 4th Jeep. Had two TJ’s with an XJ between them prior to this.
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    Yeah it worked great Spookie. We climbed up to Castell Dinas Bran first to tire out the pooch and guests for a smooth afternoon . Blew the boost hose off close to home. Seems the clamp is missing - it wasnt on the belly guard. Popped it back in. Its going back in to find out the persistent aircon issue on Thursday so they can sort it then. Not easy access between the front of the engine and fan! I managed to drop the belly guard and slide an arm up - just about.
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    Does Life get any better than that ??????????????? and an awsome view
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    Not sure what to make of that one Raakhee! Switched the picnic from Saturday wash out to Sunday bliss. Very cold wind though. Rigged the jeep as a windbreak and had a great afternoon. Park Ranger stopped by: "Wow whats happenin here then? No not the Picnic...I mean the Jeep!" Llandysilio mountains looking back to the Aran ridge Bala and Snowdon range.
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    Welcome to the club David, nice looking JKUR, I do like the Hydro Blue. Interesting to see you have the US front bumper, did you order that in from the States?
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    Meeting up with friends for a jeep picnic with a view and visiting historical sites. They cant stay over as planned because in Wales we can only have two other households share a premises, and they are family. Hope the weather is OK, but we can still throw up the shelter, eat and chat apart.
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    Well, I'm actually off out to do some lanes in the JK on Saturday. First time out since before lockdown, Wales way back in March. Will be two JKUs and an XJ ( Fen01 Me and Tim Riches) Starting out near Thetford and working our way back through Cambridgeshire seeing how far we get. Should join up with a route through Hertfordshire we did a couple of years ago if all goes to plan. Might post up some pics when we are done.
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    Hi, John the owner has just confirmed that he will put out the two porta loos for Saturday night. Jim
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    not the same make, but these are from Quadratec, and look quite good, very quick and easy to remove and wash, Quadratec Part #: 14051.9300 ( 2 and 4 door available), and a good price.
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    Hi Matt and welcome ...... I'm not from Kent but no one is perfect
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    Also Check out the photo Galley also for previous events https://community.jeepowners.club/gallery/category/2-joc-events/ Also event write ups https://community.jeepowners.club/forum/16-joc-events-write-ups-photos-videos/
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    Welcome to the Club! Slindon is great for testing out your tweaked lift kit, and maybe even recovery points! Should be a great two days of off roading, meeting other members, instruction, vendors and Jeep HQ on hand. Jim
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    Hi Matt Welcome to the Club Born and breed in Kent ! But have relocated to Oz you will enjoy the event !
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    Hello Matt the sign
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    Hi and welcome to the club! Another fellow Kent member Had my JK with Alex end of last year, but due to current circumstances, did get out in it much.. hopefully that will change soon
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    JBA upper control arms. So they've finally arrived although saying that it has only been just over 2 weeks since i ordered them. Build quality is of a very high standard and compared to the oem parts they are extremely beefed up version. Also as an added bonus the owner of jba likes to share his faith with everyone so you get free dvd of jesus slightly random but each to there own! Hopefully get them fitted at the weekend if the weather holds out!! For some reason it wont allow me to upload pictures atm will try later or put some on wen there fitted.
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    This sounds like a great weekend but just a shame it couldn't be any further away from me Have a great weekend guys.
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    Hi just a quick introduction. Im alan have owned jeeps for a few years now. In the past i have owned land rover defenders, discoveries and a couple of range rovers and used to do some heavy off roading in them be it green laning, pay and play days and the odd winch challenge. A few years back i ended up buying a 4.7l wj off of my dad and instantly fell in love with jeeps. Unfortunately the wj's engine gave up on me. That along with other issues i decided to sell as spares or repairs and now own a 2006 wk 5.7 hemi. It is my daily driver but looking to modify gradually and do the occasional bit of off roading nothing to mad thou. So thats me! Turns out it wasnt so much of a quick intro after all. Looking forward to get to know a few of you. The club and events that you hold look loads of fun!! Cheers.
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    Ah right, well you've made a good job of it. Looks custom.
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    you never know there maybe more than two V8s at summer camp serious hoping I can make it too maybe have to make mine loud too
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    Thanks Carlie and Dan, but Dan I am aware of your AV and have considered it but I still don't think for a 12 month additional premium of £40 you'd pay me £10k if my motor was written off. Regards Chris
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    Just for info in case anyone after one. There’s a 2 door Rubicon Recon for sale at Beechdale Derby .
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    So the screen house and tracmats fit on the roof bars. But I wanted the option to mount a 10l jerry can for more remote trips in case we can't quite make a fuel station or its closed etc. So I checked out some roofracks and settled on the Thule canyon XT with extension. The idea being bulky/dirty items rather than heavy go there. This fits the track mays perfectly. They are handy for crossing ditches at work. I also have some softer nylon grip mats that protect the roofrack and tracmats from rubbing each other. The front section is handy to secure muddy recovery straps. I also have the hilift up there in a waterproof cover and a water bra for muddy waters. There is space on the outside sides to strap the screen house one side and waterproof canisters the other. With rear seat passengers, one MLC (maximum legal carry on) piece of luggage each can go on the rack under a cover. I think the roofrack follows the lines of the WK nicely and sets it off as a tourer.
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    I like the Hulk Rob - great name. I wondered if someone did an electric roof. Is that it fully compressed at the back?
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    looking forward to this too, and putting faces to names
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    Looking forward to this. Dogs on lead allowed at camp?
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    All being well you can see the Cobb in person, in action, at the 2020 JOC Summer Camp. Unless of course you have “acquired” your own by then? https://www.cobb-bbq.co.uk/ Cobb Premier kitchen in a box is the kit i use. Cannot fault it. As it remains hot for so long you can stagger your meal, unlike a charcoal bbq...and a Cobb is far more user (and those nearby) friendly. As Chris mentioned, it can be lit and left on a patio table if needed as the outside remains cold to touch. https://www.petromax.de/en/px-produkte/griddle-and-firebowl-fs38-fs48-fs56/ The picture is not mine....but could be! You can open fire cook with it, and keep warm! It can also be used as a fire pit. Keeping warm only option! I have converted mine so it can be used with a Campingaz single burner stove on a 907 gas bottle if needed too. Allows me total flexibility when the Cobb and Petromax are onboard..
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    A nice Wrangler JL Rubicon we had in this week for a small transformation! Any questions please ask!
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