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    I've been toying with this upgrade for several months now. switched JK hood latches with the JL equivalent. I'd previously replaced the original JK latches with some from Drake. They've seemed to have given up the ghost. Very easy to fit, just requires a little bit of drilling to get them to fit right. There are videos on Youtube advocating the need not to. Anyway, pretty please with how they look
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    ........put a winch in it
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    i can second that, they insure 4 of our 5 cars, and will also do the 5th when it is due, the service and prices are great.
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    Today I have spoken to Richard Goodman at Thatcham A plan for some general information. The information and professionalism was outstanding. Well done Richard. A worthy Club sponsor for our members, thank you.
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    COVID-19 UPDATE Dear Club Members, The senior team hopes that you and yours are keeping healthy and safe. As we continue to navigate these uncharted waters, we are keeping an eye on when we will be able to make a break and resume our outdoor Jeep activities. We want to thank our club supporters who are standing by us during this unforeseen challenge and remind you to make them a first port of call should you need any of their products or services. Also, thank you to those that wrote in support of GLASS' efforts with Wayfarer. Let's make sure there are still Green Lanes to drive when this is over. The club continues to follow government guidelines and our hope is that given the nature, size, and social distancing that is inherent to our events that we will be able to enjoy some this calendar year. Our biggest event like everything else is on hold until we get clear direction on government guidelines. For now and given the situation, our Summer Camp would likely be a more condensed version of a normal one. Perhaps just a Friday to Sunday event -- but fingers crossed that we will be able to still hold a lite version of one in August. We all could use a beverage around a campfire! (Socially distancing of course) So, stay safe. Give your Jeeps some TLC in this extended pit stop. Fit some of those bits you bought and never got around to fitting! Speak soon. Jim
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    Hi Everyone, I hope you are staying safe and well, and that many of those Jeep projects have been ticked off the list! As an update to the above, we are waiting on our chosen campground who in turn is waiting on the government to relax restrictions but only when it is safe to do so. As soon as we can, we will confirm and provide pricing, details, and tickets for Summer Camp. For now, we have two offroad sites. One for Saturday the 15th of August, and another one for Sunday the 16th of August. We hope to hold a variety of socially distant type activities at each site. All of this is up in the air of course depending on what Covid has in store. For now, plan on Jeepin' in the South! Stay safe out there Jeepers. Jim
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    genuine MOPAR Parts made in the USA. Bought them from Quadratec, only because there were no dealers open last week, otherwise I would have gone through my local jeep dealership
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    Thank you Sir! The last time I did anything like this was to an MGB. After it was all put back together, I went for the first start up. Ran like a dream, so sat in the driver's seat feeling happy. Decided I ought to check for leaks and such-like and found I had made the fatal error of not connecting the engine oil pressure sender at a bulkhead union, which is a pipe to the gauge, not a wire = oil all over the shiny engine and engine bay! Moral 1 - double-check everything. Moral 2 - look at the gauges!
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    Nice jeep! I think some aftermarket fenders would look great imo. I know what people are saying about the Rugged Ridge build quality. Mine has a few stone chips after a year and rusts in part, its "cheap" to buy in the USA but here in the UK we get shafted with he shipping an import fees so pay so much more than what its actually worth; yet we have no other option I'm afraid. Maybe in a few months before winter ill get them stripped and galvanise/painted.
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    Thanks! Yeh after nearly a year owning it I just wanted something that would make me smile with how good it was, problem is to get this most of the time you need to put. bit of money and time into it. My source atm is either lighting cable to CarPlay or wireless CarPlay. I think I'm going to upgrade to the DSP Bluetooth module as the bitrate would be a lot better but then you lose the easy CarPlay UI. Obviously the better the source the better the sound quality in general but I really think the DSP does a great job cleaning it up. Everything these days is streamed or on subscription so unless I subscribe to Tidal with their lossless high bit rate plans I don't think ill upgrade. On your last point, 100% I wanted something that was renowned for clarity and crisp. With the JL Audio sub, its a match made in heaven. Anyone got £20k so I can buy a pair of Focal speakers in my living room? Mad prices but I guess you get what you pay for.
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    Doesn't surprise me, ive seen a few people put a lot of money into sound systems! People do the same With their home AV setups so I don't blame them... The DSP was a game changer to be fair. It cleans all of the audio from the headunit trout the RCAS and then outputs on normal 14gauge ware to the speakers then another RCA to the sub. It basically means (if I understand correctly) that the DSP understands and has control over all the frequencies. What I love about this DSP is tat you can easily modify what channel does what and which speaker does what through computer software which makes it 1000x more user friendly, ill highly recommend this AMP/DSP.
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    unfortunately most stuff that comes from the states is actually made in china, and the quality of the metal is terrible, also parts from the states are not made with our climate in mind, my rear winch bumper is from olympic, in USA, good build quality, but it was rusting from the inside out after 6 months, the main structure is not too bad, but all the fitting are rubbish, i have found it is better to treat anything you buy, as if it was bare metal, rust proof everything, even then they will still rust, as you said the only way is to galvanize dip and powder coat everything, we live and learn.
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    Hi Neal, mine broke when stones got caught between the wheel inner rim, and the brake calipers, the weak point as they get dragged in is the wheel, so it just punches a hole in it, it is surprising how thin the metal is at that point, 16 " wheels run very close to the brake calipers, that is why i use steel wheels and simex extreem treckers for extreem off road, and any serious event stuff, a steel wheel wont break, it will bend, so you can beet it back into shape and put the tire back on to continue. As my wheels and tires get worn out and damaged, i am replacing them with 17" wheels, which are more commonly available now, when i bought my red Jk in 2007 ( was silver then), 16" wheels were most commonly available for JK's, this progressively moved on to 17".
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    Very nice! Nice balance of toys and appearance.
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    And here is the jeep a year after so far I have fitted Some mods but done a lot of maintenance as well 33” cooper tyres terra flex ball joints spicer U joints on the front Led headlights and turn signals rugged ridge hd tyre carrier rough country 2.5” spacer lift (Will slowly be upgraded) There’s other little things I’ve forgotten about too Today I replaced the tube front bumper that come with the jeep and fitted a rugged ridge HD stubby bumper with xstryker along with my old winch max winch with some fresh synthetic line. And to finish it off some gear America Uber shackles!
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    Look out for the......THWACK! ....branch.....
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    Paolo, It’s too much of an adventure for the adults too......
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    Rob, I’m not aware of any legislation that would affect you due to the soft top, other than staying within the relevant child car seat rules. You will need to worry more about the practical aspect of being in the back seat with the soft top down. Wind, sun. Stuff blowing into the car and stuff leaving the car while driving. I remember a trip to primary school where the school project didn’t make it to school, lost somewhere on the way when my youngest decided to hold it above the roll bar.... I also remember a trip with a bird poo episode for the rear seat passengers, front seat where all ok. Everyone loves the soft top though....
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    Not sure what your question is Bob. It sounds like - is it OK for my wife to act as a side impact cushion???
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    I would speak to Dean at Horsham for a price. I would tend to disagree with Fen01 to some degree. The Recon is the last of the JKUR’s in the UK and has some added tech over the standard Rubicon. Axle truss and some other stuff I can’t remember. So if you can find the right buyer, it should still achieve a premium over other JKU’s of the same age. But as mentioned you are up against dealer deals on the JL and the different engine sizes. The challenge is to find that buyer. Even dealers like Unity and Horsham will struggle to find that buyer. Most will see the Recon as different badges and different interior rather than the extra tech upgrades. You can at least get a price via auto trader for a 3.6 JKUR and go from there.
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    unless there is someone on here in the trade, you're more than likely to get a very subjective price. As mentioned before, speak to the guys at Unity Automotive, Kidlington. Of all the Jeep dealers I have dealt with, they know their onions. They also have a lot of JL Stock, some standard, some where they have modified themselves. I suppose at best, you'd be looking at £25k. I don't think the fact it is a limited edition vehicle will make much difference to the price in the UK. Seems most people buying Wranglers now and looking at the JLs as they now come with engine transmission set ups most in the UK are used to. For some worth, if you look at Jeep.com the number of special editions they sell is say above the number available on jeep.co.uk.
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    Dave, Struggling to understand why two dealerships are unable to give you a price for your Black Edition. I've also got a black edition. And, like you had issues with water ingress (less comes in with the softtop fitted). In conversation with the guys at Unity about possibly replacing with a JL, I was offered around £22k trade-in on mine. If your only concern is fuel economy, I'd look at something completely different. I think the JL 2.0l does return slightly better mpg. If you're going to mod this will reduce; Alex at Buzz will attest to this fact. Depending on where you are based in the Uk whether you are willing to travel for the right deal, have a chat with Unity Automotive in Kidlington, or Horsham jeep. Both have been used by members of JOC. Both seem to understand the JK JL market in the UK
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    This might help https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/PowerSearch.do?action=noform&year1=2018&year2=2018&make=Jeep&baseModel=Wrangler&srchtyp=ymm
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    Why do you want a smaller engine Dave? The 3.6 Pentastar is a pretty good engine in the Wrangler......in my opinion. The 2.0L turbo in the JL doesn’t really give you a whole lot more of anything. I’d keep it if I were you, you got a good deal in the end in spite of your original difficulties with the Black Edition, if all you have to come up with is 17K to keep it. The JL is nice, no doubt but I don’t see the 2.0L as being one of it’s big pluses. ...........also, you really should take a Recon off road
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    My recon 2 door is the same year as yours and has only 10000 miles on the clock. According to autotrader its worth between £31,000 and £35,000. As yours is a 4 door I would think it would be worth more, also there was 10 of yours imported and 40 of mine which make them rare so I would think value would be slightly higher. Future classic if you can keep it I think!
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    Who did you email ? was it a UK contact or US?
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    Haha! Well looks like we could start a new argument on bridles, vectors and reaction forces just like every other aspect of my working life! The angles in Stewart's pic look good. Then there is the issue of using one sling doubled (as in Stewart's pic) or two separate slings, much the same as the mountaineering belay sling arguments; is it maximum strength or maximum security that is required? How strong is strong enough etc. etc. What do we mean by 'rated' (my pet hate)? Is the 'rating' the breaking strength (always preferred to determine your own design factors) or the working load limit? What design factors were used to determine the working load limit? What should the design factor be? Definitely things to think about if you re setting up for work. Come on Iain, dust off your wallet like a pro and put something proper on!
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    There were only 10 4dr Recon JK's built in RHD as a Special request from JOC made to Jeep HQ directly as only 2 dr versions had been allocated to our market! Price should be higher than a standard Rubicon.
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    From a purely selfish jeep owner point of view, a UK/US trade deal before I started my build would've saved a fortune LOL! But as Yosemite Sam knows all too well, there be damn varmints at work (love these mud flaps!)
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    I was offered around 21/22K for my 2016 JKU Rubicon with a few mods but not Offroad. 33k mileage. FSH. That was against a JLUR with a very decent discount before Covid started. Private sale a bit more.
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    That’s a tough question... we all know there very rare being a recon ...so that probably makes it harder to value .. id have a stab at the early 30’s ... but I’m no car dealer and I have noticed the new jl’s getting cheeper
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    Well my plans for the XJ is to build a clean off-roader that’s like new I say it will not see much off-roading but it will. When I got my JK I said the same and was keeping the discovery for offroad only as we have glentarkie local which is a very muddy offroad centre. After a few shots with the JK I never used the discovery again so that’s been broken to pay for a winch bumper for the JK to get my winch into it! Hopefully will get down to some events on the lanes in one of these jeeps soon.
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    Hello! Finally got around to joining this group to hopefully attend some of the events in future. I’m from Scotland starter in the Volkswagen vans then moved to a Landrover discovery 1 and finally bought my dream 2012 Jk 2dr Sahara a year ago and love it! Picked up a 2000 xj at the start of this year and have begun a rebuild on this now! look forward to meeting new like minded people and hopefully a few members are up this way ?
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    Thanks Stew. Longest I have owned a Car to be fair. Still love it. always thinking of upgrades LOL Still toying with a full long arm and higher lift.......
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    this is a picture of the alternative remote socket for a Ctek charger, it just wires direct to the battery, has its own in line fuse, and 3 LED's, you can just make them out, the idea is that you just tuck it away somewhere safe under the bonnet, then plug it in when you need it, I am going to put this on the TJ, as I don't have anywhere handy in the dash to mount the socket, they are available on Ama*n Pri*e at £6.78, also a picture of the dash mount socket, they are about £20.
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    lol, it is not specific to TJ's
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    yes, comes pre wired, about 2 meters, I ran mine under the dash, behind the heater, and through the bulkhead , then up to the main loom and over to the battery, comes with eye connectors to go direct to the battery, and also with a built in fuse, I cut the cable near to the fuse to make it easier to get through the bulkhead, then re-connected it with a simple terminal block after, a very easy install, let me know if you need pictures, there is also a new type available, that I just received for my TJ, I will post a picture and part number soon.
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    This may help Neal
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    1970 Dodge Coronet R/T, mine since 1998. 440ci (7.2 litres)
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