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Looking for a dealer with DRB III or emulator


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I'm looking for a dealer that has a Chrysler DRB III scan tool or DRB III emulator for wiTECH microPOD. This is likely to be a dealership that was around in the Daimler-Chrysler days before FCA.


It doesn't have to be a dealer, it can be an independent. I just want to deauth and reauth keys and fobs for a KJ Liberty/Cherokee. I haven't got one yet but it will be the first job that will need doing.

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Hi Vince, bit of a long shot but you could try Motorvogue Bedford. They still have two people there from the Myltons Chrysler/Jeep days. Karen is customer service and Martin is the Jeep tech. We bought our XJ from Myltons. Unfortunately they have now been absorbed into the Motorvogue setup which means they no longer have direct lines in it's all through a central switchboard who know nothing but if you can speak to either of them, probably Martin, they might have something. They were still doing our KJ five years ago so they might. The other possibility is Westaway Jeep Northampton, haven't ever used them for service but Jeep is what they do and they have been doing them for a long time.   

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Thanks Tim. I forgot Westaways were still going. They used to be my local dealer. I have already contacted Motorvogue in Norwich this morning and asked if any of they or any of their other sites can do it. I will wait for their reply before going further.


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