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France. St Symphorien de Marmagne , 'Jeep Week'


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Hi everyone,just a short report for those who have expressed interest. 

Unfortunately this event clashed with JOC Tong and  'Jeep Trek' Pennines both announced after this was booked! 

None the less it was a gr8 adventure trip to France travelling approx 500 miles from the ferry mainly along the beautiful  Loire valley,enjoying brilliant food, to an excellent event. There were many super Jeeps of all shapes and sizes. The off road course was unlike any I have been to before. The contour following route around it seemed easy! However once one had left the track it was a different story! Virtually all routes took place at a steep angle under tree cover (good job ,it was very hot!). The surface was of hard ground covered in a thick layer of gravel/leaves/sand meaning very little traction!  Sliding about ,between trees at pretty extreme angles for me was hairy,to say the least! The activities included a difficult trial (we spectated after seeing the course!) and a'Blind driving' competition which was gr8 fun! We had a good dinner on site Saturday night made even more entertaining by a severe thunderstorm in the middle of it. Scary fun hanging on to a tent pole with one hand while eating the meal with the other! Everyone was very friendly throughout and language was no barrier.

Many thanks to the brilliant organisers, Franco and his wife. Also to Wild Jeepers, Chris and Hazel for all their help and encouragement. Finally many thanks to my passenger/codriver Jerry without whose help and assistance I would have found the trip quite  impossible.













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Looks great- Shame i was in Belgium that weekend- I had looked at coming down for the sat/sun but in the end just couldnt tie it all together


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