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E10 vs 91


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Recently took a 8000km Trip in the Jeep and found slightly improved economy on running 91 against the E10 fuel ! E10 also was not very widely available once out of the major urban areas also another factor to consider. 


Apologies this is an Aussie article worth a read :



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My Dads Hyundai Getz 2007, runs best on E10 for efficiency, the car runs better on E5 super fuel performance and running, but absolutely no efficiency increase. 
Dad is 80 yo and just drivers slowly, mainly down to the village for food and the pub 😁 just 1 pint and home again.  I doubt Dad does 8000km a year 😆

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I Just also realised that 91 RON is not available in the UK ! Also the quality of fuel in Australia is not the best in the world ! 


Back in 2012 I had a Rubicon "Dozer" with the 3.6 V6 Pentastar engine took it down through France and back the E!0 fuel back then made the low mileage Rubicon hiccup now and then in southern France not sure if it was the fuel quality of the warmer temps in summer in that region it happened on a few occasions on different trips and resolved by adding non E10 fuel? I assume either the fuel quality has improved or the Jeep ECU mapping has changed as our 2017 runs ok on E10 even in 45+c temps here downunder ? 

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