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2nd attempt petition - I have to be specific


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Sorry, folks, the civil service wonks want it one law change at a time. There will be more to find...


I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?


My petition:

Change Replacement of Catalytic Converters & Pollution Control Devices Regs 2009

Change the The Motor Vehicles (Replacement of Catalytic Converters and Pollution Control Devices) Regulations 2009 so that it no longer applies to any vehicle that has ceased production.


This will enable older vehicles to be maintained in good condition for longer. It will prevent premature scrapping of serviceable vehicles when the supply of new type approved replacement components are no longer available. The exemption would permit other suitable components to be substituted or the pollution control system modified in such a fashion that the vehicle can still pass the MOT emission test.


Click this link to sign the petition:


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Hi Vince,


Yes I received an Email from the "Petition Team" telling me that your original petition which I signed has been refused. I just signed your new one.

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I forwarded the email I had to you!

I think this is all part of the effort being put into getting older cars off the road to the detriment of the majority!

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Thanks all that clicked the link. I have five supporters for it now so it is off to the next stage to be checked. I will post the new link when this one is approved.

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