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Mopar Spark Plug Wire Boot Puller P5249718


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Mopar Performance used to sell a tool that made it really easy to pull the plug wires off the spark plugs on the 4.0L (and 2.5L) engine. As the engine is no longer produced, neither are many of the special maintenance tools including P5249718.


I have never had one of these tools, but I remember seeing a photo of one in an old special tools catalogue some years ago. The special feature of P5249718 was that you could use it effectively on all six plug wires in situ without necessarily being able to see where the plug boot was. I have designed a tool that works on a similar principle and I am thinking of manufacturing a small quantity of them.


I have just bought a sprung set of pliers for plug wire removal made by Laser (£18) and I used them on cylinders 2, 3 and 4 but I had to use long nose pliers on 1 and 6, and just struggle by hand with 5. There are cheaper plug pliers at around £5 but I think the jaws are too bulky to use on the 4.0L plug cavity in the cylinder head. The old Mopar tool could be used one handed on every plug.


I haven't had any cost quotes yet. The tool will be made from mild steel and nickel plated. I am aiming for a price including P&P less than £10. If you have seen a similar tool still in production somewhere, please let me know. There is no point making them if you can still buy them somewhere.


Let me know if you are interested.

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Here is a picture of the first draft of my design. I have made a few changes today since saving this image but the basic form is similar. I will make a few different prototypes to test before finalising the design. The finish will be nickel-chrome plated.






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