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Acceleration question?


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It is a 2018 Grand Cherokee Overland that I bought about 2 months ago.  I am not sure if it is just me or whether there is an issue with the accelerator.  If I am stationary and want to pull away, I slowly depress the pedal, but there seems to be a momentary gap before the car actually moves off and then it lurches forward. 

Where it is really highlighted is if reversing.  You slowly depress the pedal and nothing happens, so you press slightly harder and the vehicle moves, but then it moves too fast because you have depress the pedal too far.  If I did not depress the pedal further the vehicle does not move.  This is my third Grand Cherokee, the first was a 2005 Grand Cherokee then a 2012 Grand Cherokee Summit Overland  Neither of them had this jerky motion when depressing the pedal slightly and moved off smoothly. 

Obviously the 2018 has a different gearbox to the first tow, but surely it should still pull of smoothly?  If your vehicle has the similar gearbox, does it pull away smoothly?  Thanks as looking for some input.

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I have something similar, though not very pronounced, but it seems to happen mostly when the engine is cold. No better or worse following a recent full service, when the transmission oil was checked. Only a difficulty when pulling out of a nearby junction in the morning, when having considerable steering lock on increases the resistance of the post ZF gearbox part of the  4x4 transmission. It can make for a rather jerky pulling away, but all is smooth when going straight. "Blipping" the throttle when moving off slowly can help. I have a 2015 Overland WK2, which is likely to be almost identical with your 2018 model, and it's done about 75,000 miles.

A widely sold accessory in Australia is a device called an "iDrive", which plugs into the accelerator pedal output, and alters sensitivity to foot pressure, reducing "throttle lag", not all of which is due to the turbocharger, apparently.

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