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Summer Camp Raised £1100


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Thanks to everyone for chipping in and those who mustered up goodies and donated prizes. We raised £1100 for the local Mountain Rescue. I presented them with the cheque and well needed funds this week. 

Each year I try to visit and spend time with them. Walters Arena  sits right on the border of two mountain rescue teams. I was directed to the Western Beacons team to donate the funds raised.


The majority of their call outs tend to be lost ramblers as visibility and temperatures at the elevations can change quickly. Situated between two rivers they also get a fair number of call outs for cliff diving gone wrong especially with lower water levels this year.


They were very appreciative of our donation.


And if you see our forum web landing page, this put us over the £18,000 mark in ten years of donating to rescue services. 326DFF22-89DC-4531-8D21-6B960F72A6E4.jpeg77DC6BCB-0FE9-414B-815B-CF5CFB4F72C3.jpeg


Well done everyone!


Mr & Mrs Volant 

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2 hours ago, Volant165 said:

this put us over the £18,000 mark in ten years of donating to rescue

Wow 👏 🙇‍♂️

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