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Retiring YJ Driver

YJ Driver

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Hi All,

My first visit to the Club and Forum, but sadly coming just as my own Wrangler days have had to draw to an end.  ☹️  :o( 

So you find me dropping in here to say hello and see if there might be someone in the club interested in a bit of a YJ project ?

Mine has been off the road for a while and no longer looks as well as it does in the picture, and will want a bit of commissioning.  Therefore will need a fair bit of TLC to get it back to a state of respectability.

The Jeep is a '96 Manual, 2.5L, Petrol, parked in Central Scotland and could be had away for a token offer (someone with the interest and skills to fix her up being more important than the Bucks).

Email me if interested.  Cheers.



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I'm sorry to hear about your decision to part with your YJ. The photo is not displaying for me. It shows 'postimage free image hosting  image not found or was removed'. You can upload images directly to this forum without having to use external image hosting sites.


Can you tell me more about the Jeep? Does it have a soft top or hard top? I assume that it doesn't have an MoT so will need to be trailered away. What are the known problems?


Also no email address quoted.

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Very nice looking YJ that, looks very similar to my 2.5 94 manual Sport…….but in better condition. A great Jeep if anyone is considering it.

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