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First Time Jeeper - Cannot be more excited!!


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Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening all, 


Firslty, thank you for allowing me to join this group, it feels like a little helpful community already! (P.S. Floor Mats bought) My name is Kiefer and im 28 from Northants


I have just picked up a 2015 Cherokee Longitude to mod into a sort of adventure wagon / overlander. Looking through many many only pictures i have a sort of theme i would like to build, however, WOW! was not expecting the parts to literally only be available in the states. 


Does anyone know of any greats sits for parts such as roof racks, light kits, Infotainment upgrades, Tow eyes etc.. Theres a replica on off roadium that im trying to build but just cant find the pieces


Anyways, Hopefully get to meet some you soon, 

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Your enthusiasm reminded me of someone of a similar age and made me smile, thanks.

I really don't know anything about your model of Jeep, but I saw the gunmetal grey one on that site you mentioned.


Way back long ago when I started modifying my first XJ Cherokee I was in the same position. There was nothing available in the UK for an XJ, only some parts for YJ and TJ. For some parts that I needed I was able to adapt universal parts or off road components made for other makes. I had to make or import everything else. I'm still doing it two decades later. Today, my youngest XJ has a lot of Ford components in its running gear. For me, Ford and Jeep are forever intertwined. You may find an affordable roof rack style in the UK that can be adapted to fit your Jeep. Likewise, universal lights available for pickup trucks or Wranglers from UK 4x4 accessory shops may work well for you.


I used to live in Wellingborough and later in Mawsley. Northants was the home of many F1 race teams and there are a lot of firms where you can find suspension parts if you go looking. I can imagine that if you just wanted to experiment with an easily removable 25mm lift using your existing shocks/struts you will find a firm in Northants that will have coil spring spacers or suitable longer coil springs.


There was an American hot rod/drag car specialist located on an industrial estate in NE Wellingborough where there was a Volvo or DAF trucks dealer. They are worth having a chat with. I don't remember the name of the firm but for years they were the main supplier in the UK for Flowmaster mufflers on eBay. From Kettering on the A509 turn left at the roundabout that is before the three silver ladies on the way into Wellingborough. Its a long straight road in a valley leading to the industrial estate. Turn left at the end where the truck dealer was/is and left again, somewhere up there.


Before you get too heavily invested in modifying the Jeep you have just acquired. Keep an eye on what it would cost to achieve the same goal using a WG Grand Cherokee or a KJ or KK Liberty/Cherokee. If you do get bitten by the off road bug, you may wish later that you started with something older (expendable), particularly if you make the jump to a Wrangler at some point.


Welcome to the UK Jeep community.

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Hi ,Welcome aboard.

I don't know your skill set  but with regard to many things such as you mention there are alternative approaches  Things are available but maybe for different cars! With a bit of ingenuity it is possible to use them.

Items like roof racks can be home made as long as you keep an eye on sensible design and safety of course. I have made a number of these for different Jeep models that I have owned over the years. You will save a packet over a bought one and have a rugged  rack that does what you want. if you need any more info on tips,where to get materials /parts etc just ask!

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