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A quick tip for using tyre deflators


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I use Staun tyre deflators to quickly air down my tyres to the pressure that I will use off road. I also use them to air back up again!

I recalibrated my tyre deflators today and thought it worth sharing this air-up tip.


Three of the valves shown are set between 19psi and 19.2psi (it is not easy to get them all precisely the same). The one with green insulation tape is set to 32psi.


Just prior to driving off road, I remove the valve caps from my four tyres and fit the three deflators set for 19psi and start the deflation. The first to complete is removed and fitted to the fourth tyre valve. This does take a little longer than using all four deflators simultaneously but it does make inflation faster.


When reinflating, I don't bother to try to accurately inflate my tyres, just slightly over inflate. As soon as I have over inflated the first tyre I fit the deflator set to 32psi. The tyre is still warm from running at low pressure. While the deflator is doing its job bringing the pressure down to 32psi. I move on to inflate the next tyre as soon as the deflator is on the valve stem. When the last tyre is done, I know they are all at the same pressure and I can drive safely on the road again. When I check the pressures the following morning they will be 30psi when cold.


When I am green laning I have a set of deflators set similarly ,three at 24psi and one at 32psi. If I need to go lower than what I have set the deflator to I will do this extra deflation manually and precisely with a digital tyre pressure gauge. I use the deflators to do the majority of the work leaving me just a few psi to deflate manually.



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There is quick way to gauge when dumping the air I have learnt out here in the sand. Unscrew the valve and remove, when the escaping air starts to whistle, reinsert the valve.  This normally gets to within 1 or 2 PSI of 15 PSI.


Whole process is about 2 mins which means more time in the sand!

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