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Airbag Light


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Hello All,


The amber airbag light on my 2006 WK CRD has recently come on with the code B1B71. It comes back each time I clear the code. According to the AppCar Diag, it's something to do with the up-front right Satellite Acceleration Sensor. 


Has anyone else had a similar issue? I'm not sure where the sensor is, or exactly what it looks like – not finding a lot on the web, either.


I realise that there could be innumerable potential causes for an airbag warning light, but I'd be grateful for any relevant input.





P.S. Apologies for posting this off-topic. Unfortunately it seems I'm not a sufficiently acclaimed JOC member to be allowed to post in the technical sections!


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I had a difficult to resolve air-bag warning light issue on my XJ that took some time to resolve. The system in my Jeep is a lot simpler with only two air-bags, I'm assuming yours has side air-bags too.


Be mindful that the air-bags have explosive charges and that they are electrically triggered. To avoid accidentally shorting a contact and triggering a detonation disconnect the battery before fiddling around with sensors and plugs.


On old Jeeps, the contacts on the instrument cluster, in plugs, sockets, fuses and relays can become tarnished and it can be enough to cause problems. Sometimes, disconnecting them, spraying on some contact cleaner and drying it off before reconnecting can work wonders.


My air-bag problem didn't throw any DTC's that I remember. I tracked it down to a timing issue between the positions on the ignition switch. A plastic pin in my ignition switch actuator had worn just enough for the air-bag systems start-up self test to fail. I'm not suggesting this is the same fault you have, just that the fault could be outside the air-bag system.

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