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2022 Calendar Events


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10 hours ago, Raakhee said:

Just asking. Do we have any events planned yet for 2022? 

I know Slindon is a favourite around Feb/March.

Hi Raakhee,


sadly our first event at Salisbury Plains had been postponed.


Two of the team are planning Slindon for May time frame to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. 

One of the team is sorting lanes out near /in/around Shropshire.


we aim to return to Hawkestone and Aldermaston. 


Unity are keen for have another gathering


Lastly I have written to Bala for August Summer Camp. Have not heard back yet

I spoke to Caffein and Machine and they now only do club events on Mondays and Tuesdays. Definitely a summer night type thing if we do that.


Carnatter is tentative 


All above awaiting confirmation. 

If anyone has an event they would like to see (and can help run!) let me know.


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Do you know what the likely dates would be for the August Summer Camp? I have always had a date clash in previous years that prevented me going. I would like to get it on my calendar early as this is the 10th Anniversary of the club and I don't want to miss it.

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