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Rubicon 2.0l petrol start up splutters.


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Still only a couple of weeks into Wrangler ownership so I'm still figuring out normal behaviour / nuances of the 2.0l petrol engine on my 2020 Rubicon. 


I've noticed the idle at startup is high...about 1500rpm for at least 2-3 mins. It coughs and splutters a fair bit too. Hopefully you can hear it in this video.



After it settles it's completely smooth. I've tried a couple different fuel grades 95/97 Ron but no difference.


I've read some US forums with some claiming it's normal, others not so sure and suggesting a throttle body issue. 


Any other owners experienced this? Normal?


I just want to be confident in the vehicle while I have a warranty and before I start my build plans and dropping more $!




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hey @Volant165 general consensus is that it's normal. I think much of the problem was me just being overly sensitive to new car noises. There's no performance issues once at temperature so if it still bugs me when the next service is due I'll have it checked. 

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