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Garmin Zumo XT - Routable byway navigation


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I had an online chat today with a Garmin rep/chatbot about the Zumo XT. It is a waterproof motorcycle GPS that can provide route navigation offroad. With the Garmin Topo Great Britain 50K or 25K map installed it will show byways and route navigate on them. Although the GPS is sold as a motorcycle GPS it has three navigation modes, Car, Motorcycle and Offroad. I guess byway navigation will only work in the Offroad setting. It cannot distinguish between Car and Motorcycle offroad so will likely get you into trouble in Northamptonshire if you don't look at the road signs. I don't know if it has traffic rerouting or if it can tell which routes are TRO'd, I would be a great feature if it can.


Has anyone here got one?



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