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Just wanted to give a big shout out to Rock Auto ( a club sponsor on here ) 


A few weeks back while out laning round Thetford with a couple of guys from the club I got an engine warning light come on and a loss of power with the engine running a bit rough. Hooked up the JScan and it diagnosed an o/c fuel injector on cylinder 3. Had to cut the days laning short and limped home on 5 cylinders. Back home after a quick YouTube tutorial I pulled off the fuel rail and switched the injectors on cylinder 1 and 3, using the JScan again confirmed that the fault had moved to cylinder 1 so definitely a faulty injector.
Had another off road trip coming up so had to get it replaced pronto, I thought, OK I’ll just have to get one from the dealer. Phoned up the dealers on Monday “I’d like a fuel injector for a 3.6V6 Pentastar please” “ That’ll be £450 sir”. After picking myself up off the floor I said “ no, not the set of 6, just one” ….” That is for one sir” came the reply. Yipes, well I guess if you have one then maybe that applies a premium “ do you have one on stock?” I ask, “ no, delivery 7-10 days ( hopefully) . So I just repeated  “ you’re saying it’s £450 for one injector AND you don’t have any AND it’s 7-10 days to get them? I’ll be ordering from the States then” …He hung up on me!


I had not used Rock Auto before, for some reason I had considered them to be more of a KK WK sort of supplier, rather than JK, but no, they have spares for all sorts of marques and models. Found what I wanted easily with their parts identifier, set up an account and ordered up 3 injectors………… at £50 each! ..Not £450 each, and genuine Mopar injectors too. While I was there I added a rear crankshaft seal too. Pricing was in pounds, Rock auto have registered themselves for UK VAT so no worries there, I specified FedEx prority for £23, all in with shipping, VAT and duty was about £250 for 3 injectors and the seal, and I got 5% off with the JOC discount code and I had them in my hand on the Thursday morning. Absolutely fantastic service, really really easy.



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I still buy some parts in the UK but most of my parts are sourced from RockAuto. If I order parts from the UK and USA on the same evening, the RockAuto parts will arrive before the UK parts do. I always use FedEx with RockAuto. I had to use some other international cowboy outfit that routes via Germany once and it was a nightmare. The shipment was weeks late, box ripped, parts missing and a massive customs and service charge that is more expensive than FedEx. My full height fridge freezer has been covered in their fridge magnets. I hate to think how much I have spent over the years but it has given me a lot of enjoyment. RockAuto truly are the best parts company on the planet.

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