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From Land Rover to Jeep, and never looking back!

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After more or less continuous Land Rover ownership since 1996 (Discovery 2 300tdi) and finishing with a Range Rover Westminster tdV8, becoming increasingly wary of their reliability and the reliance on computers to keep you going on and off road, in July I finally did something I now realise I should have done years ago and bought a Jeep!  It had to be an ex-demo as trying to get a diesel unlimited in anything other treefrog green seemed impossible.  I thought I’d wait to introduce myself until it had been “christened” off road and had a few road miles on the clock.


What an incredible truck! It’s the most sure-footed 4x4 I’ve ever driven off road, with a real sense of capability which probably comes with not having 80+ computers between you and the road (see the new LR Defender).  On road, I’m getting better fuel economy (35+ mpg) on the daily commute than I ever achieved in any of my LRs.


Looking forward to meeting some of you in Kielder in December on the safari.





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Hi Jules and welcome to the club.

There are a lot of us on here who have seen the light, me included as I've owned 109's and 3.5 v8 RR

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Welcome to the club! Love the Granite colour.


Yeah with the demise of no Defender production —  and now the eventual replacement — we are seeing more like yourself  “take the leap to Jeep”

Hope to meet up at Kielder!



Jim O

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