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Steering stabilizer relocation bracket


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Has anyone fitted an aftermarket steering stabiliser relocation brakcet on the RHD


You can all laugh but i laid under the jeep scratching my head with the rough country relocation bracket the other night realising it was design for the LHD models as of course it would be.


Any suggestions, Id like to get it moved up an out of the way.

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AEV do one in their lift kits I believe ,not sure if you can buy just the bracket though  :scratch:



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The AEV high steer kit is for use with lifts over 3". It's part of their 3.5" and 4.5" kits, but can be bought on its own.


Teraflex do a relocation bracket.


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I'm not sure the AEV high steer kit includes "relocating" the steering damper. Extract from AEV website:


"AEV's High Steer Kit provides significant improvements to steering precision and handling by correcting the roll center height of the front suspension. Bringing the steering geometry back into factory alignment reduces body roll, bump steer, and roll steer, all major contributors to the loose or sloppy steering and driver fatigue commonly associated with many lift kits. The kit includes a flipped draglink to improve ground clearance as well as a heavy duty steering damper.


AEV's High Steer Kit is included with our 3.5"-4.5" DualSport SC and RS suspensions, but can also be added on to suspensions in the 3.0"-4.5" range from other manufacturers. Minimum of 3.0" of jounce bump spacing is required."


And as mentioned by others it is only suitable for the higher lifts.


As Neal says Teraflex do a simple relocation bracket for RHD (and LHD) - available from Quadratec at a very reasonable price. NB the heavy duty steering damper in the AEV kit is made by OME and also available for RHD (and LHD) ... Again from Quadratec and probably other suppliers.


PS I have ordered both :glasses:

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The AEV 3.5 and 4.5 kits actually relocate the damper to the higher position! I have now been running the 4.5 with high steer for 4k and have to say the handling is amazing ! You would no way think your Jeep was lifted by the amount!

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