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When you register for this club you will be asked a few simple questions.

These questions include your full address including postcode and your telephone number incase you are needed to be contacted urgently.

This information is kept within a secure database on the server side and is only viewable by 3 people.

You are also required to add a active email address.


Once you register a activation email is sent to the email you have given, if you give a incorrect email it will bounce back,


unless you give the correct contact details we will be unable to contact you.


these details must be complete.


If these are not complete the registration account will be deleted.


If the email address becomes invalid during your subscription we will send you a PM, after 30 days if we havnt had a reply for security your account will be locked.


I hope this clarifies things, we are getting a number of accounts giving false infomation. If you dont want to give us the information asked for then please do not try and register, it will be deleted.


again we still have a number of accounts that havnt been activated as an incorrect email address has been given, non activated accounts will be deleted after 30 days


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