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Installing a quick release roof mounted recovery boards pins


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Having a Renegade, they are small and nippy, nice to drive, however they are not so good at internal space for gear, because they are small.

I have 2 recovery boards I want to put on the roof rack, but have quick easy access for removal and refitting when on the trail. This then gets them out behind the front seats and gives me more space. 

I got some M8x 120mm machine screws (everything was Stainless Steel) which slide into the groves on front runner roof racks.

Then wide penny washers and nut, find location and tighten down. IMG_4270.thumb.jpeg.d514cbd4dac1d078dd85abb64588d48d.jpeg

Then fit a stud bar connector for M8, measure up for M8 internal Stainless Steel pipe. Measure and cut pipe. IMG_4273.thumb.jpeg.5b824e49eb2ee2cf6e3a08ae7ea0e5f7.jpeg
ensuring I can lift the pipe up and still undo the bottom nut to remove the pins when not in use off roading. The pipe is used to stop the thread catching on anything or cutting my fingers (experience) and making it more aerodynamic. IMG_4276.thumb.jpeg.53dc3865b7f3003c861f75b5c84767dd.jpeg
use retaining compound to secure and hold the M8 stud connector in place, tighten against pipe and bottom nut.


when compound has set, fit to roof rack, fit boards and find correct location for “R” clips.

drill 3.5mm holes in stud connectors, for 3mm “R” clips.


fit made pins to roof rack, fit boards and put in clips.


the pins are difficult to remove, fit orange paracord to pins to a) not lose them and b) pull on paracord to remove them easily. 
pins and cord, front and back. 


cords are secured to the roof rack.

side view on boards on rack, secured. IMG_4287.thumb.jpeg.a7aa2342a4be9fdd0744f968a0670178.jpeg

Recovery boards are now easily removable when off roading/green lanning, as I will probably use them as steps to help me over larger stone obstacles, that’s the problem with smaller wheels.

quick removal and quick fitting back in place.

last photo is pins and clips with no boards.

very happy 😊 and only cost about £10 in total 👍


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Thank you. Hope so, I’m a professional Mechanical Engineer 😁

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6 minutes ago, V said:

I just wondered if it was worth making some sort of lock mechanism to secure them.

I could always drill another hole to fit a padlock, stud connector is 13mm across flats, so small padlock at top of the connector would work, 1 each end. Thanks for making me think about security of theft 👍

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