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Rocky Road Outfitter suspension

Mike WK2

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Mike WK2

Hi All, 


I am looking to convert my WK2 from air to coil suspension, and I am down to two choices. 

1 - Old Man Emu - which I can make the conversion kit from my recently swapped out front struts, and buy their standard 40mm front and back lift with a spacer to make the front 50mm and more level. 

Pluses I know the brand from old, cheaper option and reports online all seem positive. 

2 - Rocky road Outfitters - ship to the UK, and sell as a complete kit all new with new upper control arms ( strengthened) and have a greater lift at 2.75” front and 2” rear. 

With the logic of go big or go home 😆 Rocky road sounds good, but I have no experience of their suspension springs and shocks ? Does anyone have any knowledge / thoughts on the Rocky Road suspension ? 


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Rocky Road Outfitters have been around for more than 25 years. I believe every component they sell has been tested on Glenn's (the owner) own vehicle. He doesn't sell anything that he wouldn't use himself. Rock Road parts are well designed and long lasting. I haven't got any first hand experience of their suspension kits, previously they only sold Old Man Emu. I have purchased for various Jeeps rock rails, skid plates and other accessories. I think my Airflow snorkel may have also been supplied by them.

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Posted (edited)

I've had some kit off them too and it was fine.

And thanks you have just reminded me of something that I had forgotten!

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