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My first 2 years off-roading - Ramblings from a still newbie in the game!


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One of the benefits of loving photography and documenting this way pretty much everything I do this way (even if just for my own benefit) is that you get reminders for dates and experiences etc. One week ago, on the 27th June marked my 2 year anniversary of my first proper off-roading experience in the UK (the few times I took the Panda 4x4 to the plain didn't count lol)

I can say that selling my beloved campervan, Lola so I could afford to buy Hank was one of the best decisions in my life; Jeeps do give you "smiles to the gallon" and I have met some amazing people whilst learning the ropes and some of them I actually call them my dearest and closest friends, I have always in a new venture tried to surround myself by people that "know better" - I do not learn by reading documentation (never been truly academic) - I learn hands-on, with trial and error, but with what i in reality a truly expensive toy, I have been fairly careful (with a few missapps here and there). First trip was on the Salisbury plain, I literally approached a chap on a local Facebook group and asked him if i could tag along as it would be my first time... he was very happy to take me on, on what I then learned was a family day out (3 cars, 3 generations of the same family) - he took his time showing us places where to go, and providing tips and guidance on what to do - I was pretty impressed with the "flex" from Hank (and so was he, a "Land Rover man" lol) - on this day , I did my first river crossing, and had the chance to test the car in proper muddy conditions!



I caught the bug... I joined the JOC quick after this event and booked as soon as I could the Summer Camp (Slindon that year), Aldermaston and Whitecliff Quarry, I also did a few trips with local "experts on the Plain and started to get to know it, and getting used to the fire calendars, restrictions, how to plan routes etc.


On my second trip out (again Salisbury plain) I had the "privilege" to witness a brand new Defender getting stuck where I did not, the wide of the driver did  shout from the car "we should have got a Jeep" - I just smiled and said nothing as I was severely outnumbered lol (to be honest - this year n the JOC Plain trip I lost my bumPer to Ice on that same lake - clearly one to be aware of LOL)



On my 3rd trip I learned the hard way how the plain can be a tricky place (you learn with your mistakes) and got myself stuck on a puddle where usually everyone that tries stays (my original plate is still there lol) - this is why you do not go on your own... I also learned not to open doors when in water - thank goodness for drain plus n the Wrangler LOL



My first JOC event was the Slindon Safari Summer Camp - and my intro to many Jeepers that I am happy to go out with and with whom I have learned so much... Hank finished the 2 days pretty mucky (dirtier than what usually gets to these days LOL) - yes @Raakhee, Alice was there (we didnt really speak on that event) - Clearly Hank had a thing for your cars LOL



After this event - Whitcliff was amazing and I was luck to have @Simon and @Tom that provided some great guidance and advice (as much as "peer pressure" to try harder stuff lol) - of course i discovered Simon takes the best photos!


After a few warranty issues, some "sessions" with Jeep CS and a bad dealership that didn't believe Rubicon's should be offroad - and more important he help of Jim, without him I do not believe the issue would have been resolved (he lives such a huge legacy) I discovered a new dealer that fixed my problem (faulty cable) and regained a trustworthy car that  have been able to use quite a lot off road. 

Myself @Caroline12 @spookie the aardvark and @Raakhee have been out multiple times (most on the plain, but a couple of different routes - this allowed both myself and now Caroline to get plenty of experience with route planing for greenlaning trips - I will not document these here - Spookie usually does a wonderful write up after each trip 🙂 - I think everyone know it usually involves plenty of laughter, and bacon lol



Aware that I am rambling quite a lot... but jeeping, spending time outside with the dog and all our Jeep friends, getting to know more people in the Jeep community (still to know a bad person) has done wonders for my self confidence, and also mental health (busy stressful day job) - I have caught the bug, I absolutely love it - the car has changed, A LOT (more than what I though it would in 2 years) - and the plan is to carry on evolving, enjoying the "lifestyle" and the people behind it! JOC has been a huge part, I met dear friends, I have learned a lot, I have been able to try out new things with Jeep Trek (that I discovered trough @V, @digger and @Wildjeeper62 ) - the car and myself have been pushed trough its limits, but we have so much fun with that!


Now the fun starts when you push the limits of the car and try "Stuff" - You cant get to all of it all the time - but you try




A very different car, and a much more confident driver thanks to a lot of you here, and some amazing friends for life!




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It's a Jeep thing and more so, a Jeep people thing.
Great post

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