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Jeep for sale

Mike WK2

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Mike WK2

My brother in law came across this Jeep for sale, so asked a few questions took some pictures and sent to me. Unfortunately I think the wife would shoot me if it went to 4 Jeeps on the drive 😆


I do t know much about it, other than it was originally right had drive but was converted in the UK to left for filming. So theoretically should be straight forward ish to put back to RHD. 

Apparently the owner is looking for circa £5k but he got the impression he would take a sensible offer. 

If anyone is interest let me know and I’ll get contact details for you. 









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£5K is a bargain for what looks like a reasonably good nick '81-'84 ish CJ7 unless there's something very wrong with it somewhere. Most CJs ( and YJs ) people are asking double that.


If somebody has gone to the trouble of converting it from LHD to RHD then they've done a very thorough job of the interior at least, seems odd though. You can just see in the background the firewall, or maybe the whole tub of a RHD CJ so maybe they did. 


I do think you should snap that up though Mike, it's an investment 😁 , get rid of one of the Renegades! 

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The brake pedal seems a little shy, hiding in the carpet.

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