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1 x Heavy Duty Tow Hook for Jeep grand Cherokee WK2


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For sale 1 x Heavy Duty Tow Hook for Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 . I bought a pair and fitted them to my Jeep last year but I removed one this year to have a Front TowBar or rather "Push Bar" fitted because it is not always easy to park a 16Ft Flatbed Trailer with the rear TowBar in some places.


So this Tow Hook was mounted to my Jeep for about 1 year but has never been used for what it is intended. By that I mean my Jeep has never been pulled out of a hole or towed by another car.


The Tow hooks were originally Red Powder coated but I sprayed them in black. I just gave another couple of coats of black to this one.


I bought them from eBay US from the same seller on the pictures and I had a look this morning to see how much it would cost me to buy another pair. Roughly £275 for a brand new pair delivered but not sure if the Import Tax and duty are included or not.


All you need is one anyway so I think asking for £80 + postage for one is not excessive. 


The Tow hook comes complete with the Aluminium rectangular Spacer and the Bolts and washers. 


PS: The picture of the Tow Hook mounted on my Jeep is the one that I keep. the lower part of the bumper has been temporarily removed to show where it fits.





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