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1942 Jeep with motorbike on the front


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Just an interesting thing I saw today online a 1942 Jeep with a motorbike on the front, it’s a bit small, but interesting photos . 






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The bike is a Brockhouse Corgi, they were made in Southport. The corgi never saw military service but are popular little run abouts at events.


The Corgi was inspired by the WW2 collapsible Wellbike. This was packed into a drop tank, like a cigar tube, and parachuted in with the paras. Basically a disposable item and originals that survive command high prices. As a result replicas are very popular which muddies the water as they are very difficult to differentiate from the real thing. Something that cannot be said about the Corgi as it is very different.5F13762C-5931-42B1-B8F6-2019789AD07D.jpeg.4c39844e8d902a6c131aec88a0ca1267.jpegC5A6C373-6D3D-4CA3-B934-29FEE84EEE01.jpeg.b3307cc929b80920fd2351c711586f32.jpeg

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