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power socket in back of 2008 cherokee


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I need to plug my mobility scooter into the rear socket of my jeep .however its on regardless of ignition so runs the very big risk of being left on draining the battery 

i would like to change this so its ignition switched.  but dont know if this is possible, as being hot all the time might disable other thing including parking lights etc

Any body  out their who has done anything similar or  suggestions from any other thing that might have the same effect


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Fuse list shows:

20amp fuse in position M6 for Power Outlet #1 (Cigar Lighter), Rain Sensor, Trailer Towing

20amp fuse in position M7 for Power Outlet #2 (BATT/ACC SELECT)


If Power Outlet #2 is the rear power outlet then nothing else appears to be dependent on the fuse so if being ignition controlled is not a software configurable option, intercepting the circuit with an ignition controlled relay would be reasonable. Alternatively, run a pluggable extension from Power Outlet #1 to the rear cargo area or have an additional ignition controlled socket wired in using dedicated fire proof wiring that can support a higher fuse rating.

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Thanks  couldn't find a separate marked fuse, but will double check by pulling m7 and find out what else goes out

thinking about it , as you say it may just be simpler to run a lead from a front socket 12v to the inverter that i use. im sure can tuck it away under the door sills 

That way i have a separate socket for the crane  i use to lift it in and out

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