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A couple of fixes on the XJ for annoying little problems.


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My centre console clasp/clip is broken like so many pre facelift ones.  What an awful bit of design!

I’ve been playing with the broken clip trying to improve on it as new ones are about £30 with P&P and it’s likely to break again.


My solution was to superglue in a small section of plastic that I had laying about.  It was from an old window installation  and as the pictures show - it’s cross section is a “J”.   I trimmed it to fit on the inside on the sliding housing and used good quality superglue.


So far it’s been working perfectly with a nice satisfying click and you push it down.  The button releases the lid just as it should.


You can see I have a couple of metres of this stuff so if anyone wants a bit let me know.


The second fix was one of the small handles on the fold down rear seat back.  I found both of them in the glove box when I bought the car and for months I wondered how the rear seat folded ! 😬.  Finally I figured someone had busted one and taken the other off - presumably to have one handle to use in turn when dropping the seat.


Luckily they didn’t throw the broken one away.  I carefully marked where the hole for the pin was on the broken plastic handle and drilled right up through the middle of the handle almost to the top.


Then using a very thin, course threaded screw (plasterboard screw) I fitted the handle and gently screwed the screw up through the centre.  Again, so far this “fix” has worked.










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