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Received six new alloy wheels


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I received six new 15x8 AR172 wheels today. They are in the CJ bolt pattern with a large centre bore to match the big bearing hubs I will be installing on my '93 XJ. I have been looking for these wheels for two years and I have subscribed to many stock notification email alerts at various UK wheel suppliers. Most of which have not received any stock in the size I wanted since COVID or knew when they would have stock.


If you are having difficulty sourcing new wheels in the CJ bolt pattern, I can recommend DGT Wheels in Basildon. Jamie managed to locate the six wheels that I needed in Belgium at a price that I couldn't turn down.



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I didn't know black lug nuts were a thing until I saw some a few weeks ago. The downside of black lug nuts is losing them when I need to change wheels. Shiny lug nuts are easier to spot at night on grass.


The wheels came with chrome centre caps which I was surprised to see. I thought they would be black. I will only be using the centre caps on the rear wheels as the fronts will have hub locks protruding. I may well colour key those bits to match the wheels.


I haven't decided if I am going to keep the Jeep in it's original colour, give it a refresh with new clear-coat or paint it in something more hard wearing.

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I think shiny nuts are ok !  😉

However I've considered painting mine black.   Problem is ,what with?  All that movement with washing and screwing would bring them back to shiny pretty quick I reckon!!!

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