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Film on windscreen?


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It is a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland bought less than 7 weeks ago.  I never noticed an issue during the summer as rarely went out early morning or late evening.  However now with later sunrise and early sunsets I have a problem.

About two weeks ago while out and about I noticed that when the sun hit the windscreen at a certain angle it appeared as if the windscreen had been sandblasted as if the windscreen was covered in speckles.  I gave it a good clean with Autogylm windscreen cleaner however it made no difference.  I then tried meths and that made no difference.

Last Thursday I had to drive down a country lane with overhanging branches.   When in the sun one could see the speckles covering the whole windscreen making forward vision a bit hazardous, however when you went into the shadow of the trees with shade and patches of sun, one could hardly see where one was driving making it dangerous.

I have tried taking pictures to present to the dealer, but the phone camera which is high resolution is not picking up the speckles even when auto focus is switched off.  I also have a digital SLR camera, but unsure if it will pick up the speckles as it has to be a sunny day.

Has anyone else come across something similar as it is my understanding that the Jeep comes from the factory with a protective film on the windscreen?  It is not a tinted film.



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I managed to get some pictures.  These speckles are right across the windscreen and as said can make driving hazardous depending on how the sun is shining.



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Hi Surfer,

 IF its over spray, thinners on a pad will get it off. Be very careful though its dangerous stuff.   Its terrible instant damage spilled on paintwork and extremely flammable. . If no evidence of spray work being done this would be a last resort for me

It could be wax, I had a similar issue on one of my jeeps, degreaser (I used brake cleaner) works.


IMO it is most likely to be tree sap from being parked under the wrong type of tree. This can be very stubborn on glass or paint and often appears spotty. WD 40 might work but you would then have to get that off or the windscreen will streak.   I would use 'Grannies mixture'. I've posted this before, its excellent stuff, I even clean my engines with it   and it doesn't attack your tarmac like a lot of the modern solvents. If you don't know how to make it, here's how.  Warm, say 1/2 pint of white vinegar, in a saucepan until you can just keep your finger in it. Gently stir in an equal quantity of yellow washing up liquid. The result will be a thick cloudy mixture. Allow to cool , put in squirter bottle. Apply and allow to soak for a few mins , agitate if necessary.

This should work especially well because the acidity of the mixture dissolves organic substances. Hose/wash  away!  It can be used on all sorts of things. My Yj had been in a barn for years and the inside was covered in green mould which is very difficult to shift. Some folk think it's a new interior now!

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Digger.  Good point about tree sap, but I doubt if it is tree sap and too evenly spread across the windscreen.  In certain light the whole windscreen looks to be speckled.  The picture only shows the top of the windscreen as that was the only section that would show up on a photo.  It almost looks as if the car has been in a violent sandstorm that has pitted the windscreen.

Although the vehicle is second hand it is still under Jeep dealership warranty as bought in mid August and I don't want to do anything that may jeopardise any warranty claim.  I don't blame the dealership as there is no way any dealer of any brand would have picked up this issue. 

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Can you see any 'speckling ' on the bonnet or roof? Although as Ludders suggested if the car was polished using a cutting compound of some sort it would be gone. You need to be cautious polishing glass, too coarse can ruin glass.  Why not ask a friendly glazier what they would do!


I'm sticking with tree sap! Your speckling looks similar to me and once it hardens its tough stuff! I can't see how you could endanger your warranty with 'grannies' mixture. Its pretty harmless, working in a very mild, natural way and no one would know you had used it, once its well rinsed away. If I had something on my paintwork I would be much more concerned re what I would use. Glass is pretty inert to most things, even Aqua Regia is kept in glass!  Ask a chemist!

Does it come off with a scraper? If so ,with care, you could use scrapings to experiment on with solvents.

They used to make Turpentine out of tree sap/gum I think, so that should dissolve it. You could try a test area with that.

When I have a problem like this on metal ,glass etc, I just try test area spots using different solvents to see if it comes off with a bit of clean white paper towel. I try all sorts such as    Petrol, White Spirit, WD40, Soap, Swarfega, Xylene, Meths, Acetone (thinners/nail varnish remover/substitute), Ethanol  (vodka last resort), glue solvent(nasty) to name a few off my shelf.

Your sandstorm idea. Get a big magnifying glass and see if its pitted. Conversely you may see that its something stuck on the surface!

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