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Good feedback should always be shared...


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Usually we all come to the forum asking for help with issues, some of you (a bit smarter than me) come with tech queries / fixes, but not many of us have positive experiences with Jeep Dealerships, so I though I would spend 5 minutes praising the good ones 🙂


As some of you know my 1st year of Jeep ownership was haunted with poor service from one of the main dealers in the South West - to the point I was considering giving the car back to Jeep as a "lemon", after 6 stressful months and to prevent this form happening Jeep CS referred me to a different dealer - Pewsham Jeep, near Chippenham (a much smaller one I must say), and within weeks they diagnosed and fix my problem (an earth connection!) - I was weary of praising them to much to start with, due to the bad experience I had in the past, but they kept me on the loop, fixed the problem, actually "showed their work" and have been a pleasure to deal with since. I have driven the car over 5K miles since they fixed the problem and had no further issues (this includes multiple trips to the Salisbury Plain, the Jeep Summer Camp in Wales and even Strata Florida)


Needless to say, now that Hank was due his 4th Service I was very happy to call them and book it with them! I was able to book a "waiting service (they quoted 3 hours, but also got me a corner for me to work from there) pretty quickly, were ready for me when I got there at 08:00AM and got the service done and a few extra bits I asked done in 2 1/2 hours. they have also provided a proper feedback on the work that will need to be done, but was not urgent (to be done withing the next 2 months, just regular stuff... tires and pads) - and will be quoting for this work this week (the computer system was down) - I drove out from the dealership with a feeling of peace and trust that the car is now being looked after by a dealership that cares and will look after your car... a partnership to last the way I see it...


So here it goes - Pewsham Jeep - great Service 🙂 


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Awesome to hear! It seems with more expensive models in the pipeline that the dealer network is beginning their journey of upping their game (on this instance) 



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5 hours ago, MGomes said:

Pewsham Jeep - great Service

A rare thing to hear these days.


We should always share these rays of sunshine with other club members. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂



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