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Project ALICE


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I bought this little jk to accompany me to which ever river and place I desire to go. While a 4dr would have made sense I drove the two door and fell in love. I pivoted my thinking from loads of gear to as minimal as possible, but enough to handle anything, I can make that work with the space with the back seats out. 

I have a long list of items that will be going in over the next year, from a mechanically sound base reset ( full end to end service belts, fluids, transfer and diffs ) on wards to making it adventure ready. 

I will use this thread to document that journey. 


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After 1000 miles to get to know Alice and how she fits into our lives. 

In this awesome summer we have had it’s been soft too all the way with the front open most of the time and the full top off as much as possible! 

now it’s time to start getting to the build. 







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This weekend I wanted to sort out the tech side. I normally have my phone on the dash with a suction cup, but then have my iPad mini with any notes, maps directions etc flailing about. I wanted to mount my tech and have space for a few extensions line a space to charge my inreach mini or mount a cb radio mic. I looked seriously at the vector bar across the dash, but didn’t really love the look so I embarked on a journey to find something that would allow me to use ram mounts. ( I already have a load )


I also wanted to keep my est magnetic charger, which luckily has a garmin standard ball so ram compatible adapter for that was pretty easy to find. 

For the base mount I found a mount by “trackform” for the jk, hadn’t heard of them before. It has a t-track and amp mounting points. So I picked that up and decided to run some usb cables from the 12 plug on the dash routing behind and down through the passenger side through behind the glove box. 

A few international orders ( Amazon US ) later and it was time to strip the dash top and get at it. 

All in all pretty happy with how it turned out. Mounts are rock solid for my needs. Maybe not for some of the heaviest devices but fine for a phone a tablet and a few other bits and bobs over time. 










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