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Hank was topless the entire weekend!


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I do not now about everyone else (and yes I know I have a desk job so I can close blinds and have a fan blowing at me directly....) but I am enjoying the heatwave, I am fully anglicized, been here for over 20 years, my partner is English, my stepson is English, my dog is a Cocker Spaniel, I live in the Hampshire/Wiltshire border... can you get more British than that? 🙂 


I love British weather, love the country and by choice I holiday in the UK, and have done pretty much all the time, with rare exceptions... BUT - I am loving this heat wave 🙂 - this weekend Hank was fully topless, even overnight (its that hot!) and we have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy it... Saturday we went to the New Forest, enjoyed the drive with windows open, no roof and just feeling the breeze... 




Sunday I had volunteer to help the local 4x4 Response Group with an event (mostly fundraising) - and again Hank the Jeep was in "Land Rover Land" showcasing the Jeep Brand and how great these cars actually are... It was definitely a conversation starter, a few people are now thinking to volunteer with the charity and a fair few children loved having a photo taken in the "Proper Jeep" (their words, not mine) - even one of the volunteers, avid fan and owner of Range Rovers admitted in the end of the day that Hank was a "sexy beast" 🙂




Fun fact - even on the hottest heat wave we have experimented this is Britain and last night we have proper thunderstorm with a fair amount of rain... Hank still did not have the top on, we put it on whilst it was raining and all I had to do was dry the rain water inside (took me 10 minutes)and how - the car just looks like it was detailed by professionals... I vouch for the waterproof everything on the dash 🙂 


When people ask me why do I have a car that is not cheap - with debatable fuel consumption and not the cheapest to insure I just have to say... because it makes me smile 🙂 



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1 hour ago, V said:

There was a JLU soft top advertised on here recently for £1,000.


I saw it - currently not allowed to spend any money on Hank LOL

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3 hours ago, Overlander21 said:

Great story, great pics!


I've yet to remove my full roof.  It's too hot 🥵

Driving at 70mpg on a dual carriageway with windows down with no roof does not make it hot 😎

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