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WK2 Gremlins

Mike WK2

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I think the heat has brought out the Gremlins. 

2013 WK2 - done a funny on Tuesday. Turn ignition on and dash lights up telling me 20 odd things not working, from FWD, to cruise, air suspension and on on. Leave it 10 seconds or so, all the lights messages go away accept engine management light start the car and everything works as it should. 

I thought originally maybe voltage related as I know my Aux battery is passed it prime, although should effect anything until engine running. But removed the circuit reset the codes, same issue. 

looking for some inspiration of what to look for next ? Hoping to get it resolved over the weekend. 

thanks for any ideas thoughts. 

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18 minutes ago, Mike WK2 said:

reset the codes, same issue

What codes were stored? Perhaps one of them will lead you to the root cause.

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Didn’t think to write them down at the time. 

But they all related to drivetrain type components, so I think I’m right in that they all communicate through the TCU, so my first thought is to try and locate that and see what I find and work backwards from that point. 

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Found my gremlin, believe it or not don’t break your knee it’s bad for the Jeep 😆 as the two issues are linked. 

Just to give you a laugh. Broke my knee, started driving weeks latter all ok, but I drive long distance a lot of the time, and not being able to bend my knee properly, it was uncomfortable when on cruise. 

And that’s were the problem starts with a bright idea 💡

I’ll make a footrest to the right hand side for the my foot and therefore take the pressure off my knee. Small L steel will do it. Took the Pannel off made sure not to drill the cables 😃. All has been good for weeks.

But the end of the bolt had been slowly wearing the insulation off 4 cables from the TCU. 🙈


All repaired, bolt cut short and protective pad now installed, back to my friendly local mechanic on Tuesday for the codes to be cleared. Should be all good. 

Self inflicted on every count 😆😆😆

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Any bright ideas welcome. 

So it appears my find hasn’t resolved the problem, and after getting the codes reset, same happened at next start up. 

I have replaced battery, checked cleaned all battery connections, Earths that I can find with no success. 

I only have a basic code reader but that’s showing no codes, once it’s had a sulk on start up everything appears to work fine. Other than engine management light remains on. 

Reading on line it appears the most likely failure is the Drive Train Control Module, however can’t source a replacement in the UK for love nor money. Cousin in the US is trying 🤞


Any thoughts on possible causes / solutions very welcome. I’ll put a video on of what the car does on start up. 


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