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Wanted: CJ Alloy Wheels


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Looking for a matching set of 4, 5 or 6 alloy wheels


Must be:



ET -19 (3.75" backspacing)

5 on 5-1/2" PCD (5 x 139.7mm)

4-1/4" centre bore (108mm)

for 1/2" studs, conical seat lug nuts


I'm not that interested in fancy wheels with fakery adornments. I like simple wheels that are easy to clean and easy to repair. I'm not bothered about minor rim damage as long as it can be repaired. Not really interested in wheels that have already been crack repaired as that proves they weren't that strong to begin with.


The perfect wheel for me is an American Racing Mojave (discontinued). An American Racing AR172 Baja or AR923 (5-spoke) are good alternatives.


Will consider anything that is the correct size including repaired wheels.

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Sadly no, although I would like one again. My silver XJ has D44 spindle hubs similar to a CJ7. I am acquiring the parts to do the same on my blue XJ. It means I can have both Jeeps on interchangeable wheels and tyres.

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Yup, I would like another Jeep. I have been down to two since 2013, but my all time peak has been five. I'm happy to accept donations of any unwanted Jeeps, but my family and neighbours probably wont be.

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I bought a set of six new AR172 from a UK supplier that had access to stock in Belgium.

£900 for six, total cost £1080 with shipping and taxes.

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