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I'm hoping to get some advice about selling a Jeep. I have to sell my brothers Jeep Wrangler Sport but I don't really know its value, the best place to advertise it, what details need to be included in the advert. He has a full set of off-road tyres on it at the moment, with a full set of spare road tyres. It is 1998. Any advice would be appreciated

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I could list out everything I would be interested at but it's easier for you to just find an advert for a similar Wrangler and use it as a template for filling in the details of your brother's Jeep.


For values, look at eBay 'Sold Items' to do a comparison.

Parker's guide is way off the mark of actual recent selling prices, they are much lower than ad prices in autotrader, or sold item prices on eBay.

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As with most older cars the range of value will be pretty wide, condition and any modification will influence that.  As V said, try and find an ad for a similar condition / spec Jeep as a guide.

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