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Tailgate hinge removal


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I am looking to fit a stronger tyre carrier to take my bigger spare. On the US Youtube video I have watched the hinge is held on with hex head bolts, mine has T40 torx. The bolts are painted over and in the video it says they are therefore tough to loosen. So far I have broken both my T40 bits with no movement and need to buy replacements tomorrow. Wondered if anyone else has the hinges held on with Torx and has any tips on removal.

Thanks in advance.

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Mine were Torx. You need the 1/2" drive impact version of the T40 bit and either a 1/2" drive electric impact wrench or an air impact. You may need new bolts afterwards if they get chewed up. I bought a used tailgate to replace the damaged original. It had spare bolts and hinges that came with it.


I found the 32" tyres about as big as I dare go using the tailgate mount. I replaced the stock tyre mount with a swing-away carrier on a different rear bumper when it went up to 35s. This pushed the tyre up higher and reduced the risk of future damage to the tailgate on a drop off.

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