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Member organised event - Shropshire 12 June 2022


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On Sunday 12 June from 10-4pm is the popular Hawkstone park event that I organise every year. It is held at Hawsktone Park Near Hodnet , Shropshire. 


The day is organised by myself and is private invite only day. This means no muppets in scrapyard bangers.  Glass and JEEP OC members are invited to attend. Please do not invite friends or different clubs without checking wth me first.


Members are welcome to come along and chat for free and meet other members. There is no cost for that.


If you wish to drive the site ( you can also decide on the day ) then there is a £25 per vehicle fee to drive around the large 3 area site. As long as you have a driving licence you pay per vehicle not number of drivers. This covers the site  hire and sites insurance.  Please check with your insurance company if you are worried as most wont cover you if you drive into a tree at an off road site.


Road legal vehicles only and only 4x4s not motor bikes I am afraid (site liability  policy).


Wire winch ropes cannot be used only synthetic rope.


The site covers 3 wooded areas and can be slippery when wet.  Area 3 is a driver training area with man made obstacles to test your vehicle and skills or learn new ones.  The rest of the areas are free roam . You can follow existing tracks or create your own or take part in the fun punch hunt. The site is a proper site and is used for driver training. There will be at least 3 fully qualified members of staff on hand to give advice on basic driver skills (times will be notified at drivers briefing). The staff are also on hand to carry out recoveries or supervise safe recoveries. They are a friendly bunch as well.  


Families are welcome and dogs on a lead. We encourage people not to walk around the 4x4 areas site as there will be 4x4s moving around . Sometimes people will watch the only mud hole on the site if someone is brave enough to try or watch recoveries.  All the site ask is you be careful when observing and keep safe distance from any recoveries.   Dogs must be on a lead in the 4x4 area and keep an eye on small children as they can be hard to spot from inside a 4x4.


There will be few other makes  of 4x4 at the site so all makes welcome.  There is a café and proper toilets at the site.


Day runs from 10-4 pm and you can spend that entire time driving  around or pull in and natter any time.


When you attend the site in your 4x4 proceed through the parking area to the dead end area at the bottom  where we will all meet. If there are parking staff at the entrance tell them you are with Ash 4x4 or attending the 4x4 event.   Everyone driving  has to do a failed hill climb to demonstrate competence to the marshals.  Don’t worry they will talk you  through it. After everyone has done the hill revers there will be a drivers briefing with site rules and admin.  After that the day is yours .


If you wish to take part in the fun punch hunt with a chance to win a trophy then let the marshals know when you arrive so they can affix a card to your wing mirror.     


I hope that helps. Any further questions please let me know.




Stewart Pickering Shropshire Glass rep



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Had a great time at last years event. Really well run and interesting site, and there’s some great lanes locally too. Shame we can’t make this one.

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1 of the 3 trophies up for grabs tomorrow in Shropshire  Dont forget all JOC members are invited to attend.


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