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Rear pads - 2018 Rubicon - The hunt continues


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So, having spent the best part of 5 months trying to decide what im doing with my near pads its come to the point where I just need to get it done!


Having bought a pair from RockAuto which, although were listed as for the 2018 JL, turned out to be too small, I have been hunting for an aftermarket brand as paying £400+ for a set of rear pads is just a hard pill to swallow. Information provided by you guys and the wider Jeep community confirmed that the rear brakes on European JLs is upgraded from that on the US spec, thus the problem. 


Having spoken to a local Jeep dealer I have been offered a '3rd party' option which I am going to be taking (although been told that they will not tell me the brand name nor provide me with any paperwork afterwards...) Fully appreciate the normal script that "non genuine = no guarentee on quality" but ultimately the Mopar option is just insanely costly. Its frustrating that there doesnt seem to be a comapny as yet who manufacturers rear pads for the JL such as EBC. 


What have other people done here? Always Mopar? 3rd Party acceptable?



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i always use third party parts, except for diesel fuel filters, which i have had a problem with,  i bought a set of front and back pads for my JK for about £50 2 months ago, and they are perfectly good. 

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I checked on EBC brake shop and was surprised that they don't currently list a rear brake pad. Have you called their technical department? They have been very good at identifying brake pads in the past for me on modified vehicles where you have no idea what the donor vehicle was. You need to pull out one set of rear pads to photograph the friction side and the backing plate side. I also send a dimensioned sketch with the photos.


If EBC cannot identify a compatible rear brake pad, try Custom Brakes in Sheffield, they may be able to reline your existing backing plates with fresh friction material.

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