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Just saying Hello, and waving, definitely waving


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Hello everyone,  I'm 53 and this is the first club I've ever been in, before I think to deeply about that...


I'm in Central Scotland, I've just bought a 2008 Wrangler JK, its my first Wrangler, but I've had a couple of Jeeps before, my first was a 1999 Cherokee TD, a bit of a panic buy to fill a gap but I ended up loving it to bits for about 5 years, it never let me down, came with me to work in  London, took me to the continent for work, helped me move house and was just interesting company. It just got to ropey in the end and had to let it go, I sold it to a fella who wanted to take it to Cornwall for surfing, so hoping it lives on there.  

My second was a Grand Cherokee, or The Amoco Cadiz as it became known,  this was a disaster and I got shot as soon as I could, still cost me about 2.5K and I only had it about 6 months.  Third times a charm so here we are again with a JK, like most that gets one of these my heads full of mods and upgrades and what I'd like to do, so thats why I joined the club, guidance, advice, recommendations, especially for someone living up here, you know, specialists and experienced outfits that know what they are doing with these things. 

All the best everyone.   

Cal H




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11 hours ago, V said:

Welcome to JOC. Your Wrangler looks lovely, did you get a good deal?

Dont think so, it was the priciest 2008 JK I saw, very clean though, under 60k miles too, I had went to see a couple before this one and they were rough  I've not discovered anything I'm less than happy with this one though,  yet. 

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