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Converted my XJ to double DIN


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I have converted my XJ from single DIN to double DIN this week. It took a bit of work cutting up the heating and ventilation housing and modifying the Metra dashboard panel to take the headlamp aim switch, but the new head unit is usable now. Good enough to drive with until it has to come out again to install the cameras and steering wheel controls. I have left the protective film on the display until all the wiring is sorted out.


The Android head unit is a XTRONS TME701L, 8-core cpu and is fast enough to multitask navigation, camera and audio. I have installed TomTom Go as my main offline map navigation software and OSMaps for byways. My front door speaker wiring is broken and the XTRONS needs a separate amplifier to get full four speaker separation with balance and fader. The built in amp has four channels but the software fader only works on the external amp. I will leave the speakers and amp as a later project as it works good enough for me just on the rear speakers for now. 

Double DIN XJ2.JPG

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Very nice job 👍 how did you get the Jeep logo on it?

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The head unit comes with a library of logos to choose from that can replace the default 'XTRONS' logo during the boot sequence. I think it can be replaced with any image file uploaded from removable storage.


The screen is larger than my old Garmin, but it isn't angled square on to my view, which is taking some getting used to. The voice control (via CarPlay) and audible navigation instructions mean that I don't have to look at it as much as I thought I would. I don't like not having a volume knob for the sound so I am ether going to fit an accessory stalk that has volume, tuning and mute controls or find a later model Jeep steering wheel with controls that could be adapted. I added Jeep cruise control, clock spring and steering wheel controls when the Jeep was 4 years old. I would need another clock spring with one or two more tracks. One track would give me controls for music/audio on key 1. A second track would give me phone controls on key 2 but as I already have voice control through the microphone for phone, a second track is not really that important.






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