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Patriot electrical problems and tipm


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my name is Alan and I have had a Patriot for 14 years, it has started to have a lot of faults mostly around the tipm, is this common on this age ad model?.


thank you


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Sadly, It is a problem that affects a lot of vehicles made by Chrysler. The TIPM can sometimes be repaired, there are videos on YouTube that cover the range of faults. The TIPM can be carefully dismantled and repaired with new relays, replacing burnt or overloaded tracks with wire or replacing melted components with parts from a breakers yard. I believe the TIPM is coded to the car so you will need the Chrysler scan tool to reauthourise a replacement new or secondhand if it is.


Governments world wide have banned the use of lead-solder in manufacturing. Unfortunately, lead-free solder is not entirely suitable for use in vehicles as it corrodes and becomes brittle over time. The environment that vehicle electronics experience, condensation, heat, vibration eventually causes problems with electronics. Vehicle manufacturers are not that bothered because the failures occur long after warranty expiry. It's a problem for anyone that has a car made after 2005 that wants it to last more than 10 years.

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