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Jeep Commander gearbox overheating

Bo McGowan

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Just wondering if anyone has an idea why my gearbox overheats. 2006 Commander 5.7  Lost drive  boiled and leaked pinkish stuff onto road . I replaced the 2 filters and new sump the old one had quite a dent . Replaced the dual radiator. Drives well and changes gears well , but does still overheat. I only go about 1 mile and half to work. towed a trailer with about 2 ton and it lost gears again and boiled , The original fluid was creamy and pink .looks like it may have water in it , but the other radiator is air conditioning gas  

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Some things to check:

  • Low fluid level. Carefully dipstick the transmission with engine running and transmission in Park. Top up as required.
  • Pipework carrying transmission fluid may have been dented or crushed causing a restriction.
  • Sometimes when an old hose starts to perish it can tear internally causing a restriction when fluid is flowing. The easiest fix is to replace all of the transmission's flexible hoses. If there is any sign of a leak or cracking in the exterior of the hose it should be replaced as the internals will not be much better.
  • Check radiator is not clogged with mud and that there is adequate airflow through the stack from onside to the other.
  • Chrysler liked putting transmission coolers into engine coolant radiators to save money. Sadly, failure often meant cross contamination of the engine coolant and the transmission fluid. The long term fix is to replace the engine coolant radiator if it is broken and fit a separate air-cooled transmission cooler.

I found this recall notice in the USA for Grand Cherokee. I couldn't find the issue logged for a Commander so it may be irrelevant. The USA NHTSA recalls have no alignment with the British DVSA recall system. There is a good chance that the majority of NHTSA recalls will NOT be done in the UK. It is worth checking the fill tube grommet seal in any case as water from the road or wading could cause problems if it has perished.



Recall id # 05V396000 - power train:automatic transmission recall date: Sept 14, 2005 component: Power train:automatic transmission model affected: Grand Cherokee units affected: 101925 summary: On certain sport utility vehicles equipped with 3.7L engines and nag1 automatic transmissions, the air conditioner evaporator condensate water may enter the transmission at the fill tube grommet seal. This can result in shudder during torque converter clutch engagement. Consequence: It can lead to increased transmission operating temperatures, boiling of the water, and a subsequent purging of transmission fluid into the engine compartment potentially resulting in an underhood fire. Remedy: Dealers will inspect the transmission for leakage at the fill tube grommet seal. If no leak is detected, a new fill tube grommet seal and water deflector shield will be installed, and proper alignment of the fill tube verified. If the presence of a leak is detected, the vehicle will be evaluated for shudder during torque converter engagement. If no shudder is detected, the transmission will be triple flushed, and new fill tube grommet seal and water deflector will be installed and proper alignment of the fill tube verified. If shudder is detected, the torque converter will be replaced, a new fill tube grommet seal and water deflector will be installed, and proper alignment of the fill tube verified. The recall began on October 31, 2005.


If your transmission fluid is being contaminated with water, the true volume of transmission fluid will not be accurately shown on the dipstick. You could have a less transmission fluid than you think.

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Thanks well worth checking the flexible pipe connections and the filler tube grommet the grill is still off, by the tme I get to work nearly 2 miles the pipes going into the radiator are 2 hot to hold thanks for info and help

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