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WK2 Headlights

Mike WK2

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One of the very few things that has never impressed me with WK2 is the headlights. 

Mine runs HID main and dipped beans, but they have always been pretty poor to be honest. High beam easy to fix with spot lights but doesn’t help on country roads with on coming traffic and low beam. 

But, I found a half decent solution. One of the bulbs developed a flicker recently so that gave me the push to do some hunting around. 

Found that there is now a plug and play LED option for the D1S HID bulbs in the headlights. 

£85 for a pair off Amazon. 

Fitted today, straight in no issue, no wiring changes straight from the existing harness. 

Original bulb and new in the pictures for reference. 

I still wouldn’t say that they are the best headlights by any stretch the Mrs’s Renegade is much better. But the LED’s are a marked improvement on the HID, and can actual see the road on low beam. 😆




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Not wishing to be a party pooper, but... I seem to recall the MoT regulations have changed and made LED bulbs in a non-LED headlight a fail item.  Of course my memory may be flawed, so best to check.

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You are right UKTJ, fortunately, I think the HID bulb is behind a refractor lens, so almost impossible to tell it's an LED without dis-assembly 😉

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Thanks for the heads up, didn’t realise that. I’ll keep the old bulbs and swap if necessary. 😂

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