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For Sale: Start-X remote starting system for Jeep Wrangler 2018-onwards


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I have a spare Start-X remote starting system available for sale, compatible with the Jeep Wrangler "Push to Start" models from 2018 to current.


A very long story cut short, I ordered one which got lost in transit, a second kit was dispatched four weeks later at which point sods law kicked in and the first unit arrived 🤦‍♂️


The kit is brand new, unused, opened only to take these photographs.


It cost me USD$290 and it's yours for just £150 including insured shipping (or you're welcome to collect from Wigan).


This plug-n-play kit allows you to start your Jeep by simply pressing the Lock button on your existing remote 3x times in a row.  You can stop the engine the same way.  Anti-theft ensures that if the fob is not present in the vehicle then the engine cuts out as soon as you touch the brake pedal.


Great for pre-heating the car in winter and pre-cooling it in the summer!


More info: https://remotestartx.com/what-we-offer/


Installation guides:






Please note, the "programming" part is ONLY possible using Internet Explorer browser,  no other browser will work.


Some pics:












Happy to answer any questions you may have!


I'll leave this on here for a few weeks before putting it on eBay 🙂



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Whoa, that was quick 😄


I'll DM you my mobile number, we'll go from there?




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Ruby Kon cannot receive messages.


Can you send me a message instead? 🤔


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An alternative for winter engine warm-up is an electric block heater. It replaces one of the engine block core plugs with a small immersion heater element. I've never seen them used in the UK, they are common in snowy areas of North America and are usually powered by a 120vAC supply. However, in the UK a cheap 110vAC builder's transformer will also power a block heater without causing any damage. You could permanently install a 'wall mount plug' under your front bumper out of sight. The yellow plugs and sockets are rugged enough to withstand getting wet but you would need to make a bung or cap to protect the terminals of the fixed plug when not in use. A regular 110vAC extension lead is used to connect the Jeep to the transformer. You could cut a pre made one down or make one to the length you need. The very obvious yellow cable is a must to help prevent driving off with the cable still connected.


Mopar block heaters - most Jeep engines


240vAC to 110vAC transformer


110vAC wall plug


110vAC extension lead


240vAC timer switch


How to use a block heater

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my F Type has remote starting via the Jaguar app, that is on my phone, it is a essential piece of kit, if you have an F Type is not in a garage over night, as is the case for the last 2 months that i have been working at Birmingham airport, the problem is that to open the door ( hard top ) the window winds down a centimeter first, if the frameless window glass is frozen to the frame, you cannot open the door. 

i love the app, it is nice to get in a warm car straight from the hotel, and watch all the other guests scraping the ice off their windows, i am sure Rubi kon will love it. 

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