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Xj parts for sale


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I have a garage full of bits, some pics to start if see out your interested shout me as I try and go through it and list all.

I just to start the thing rolling 

Rough idea, 

 abs sensors nearly new , abs pump, aircon pump, alternator ,starter motor, 

diff from 2.5 dana 30 and diff from 4.0 dana 30 ones 39 teeth others 41 

two inlet manifold one with throttle body 

decat , with o2 sensor.

2.5 front and rear prop shaft,

front drive shaft 2 very good stub axles 

two heated front seats 60th anv plus loads of interior trim all dark gray, but not everything but almost. plus heated switch for seats

 crank sensor 3 in total different contectors 2 brand new

cam shaft sensor, used but was replaced with new one, but wasnt faulty

1 over sized rear wheel bearing for worn shafts

pair of orange side light reflectors on wing side

battery clamp

bucket full of nuts and bolts

If you are interested in the whole lot that would be good, not looking for silly money on any of it.

in Burwell near cambridge.










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