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2wd cherokee xj good well it lasted.


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I joined site in 2017, change my 4.0l Cherokee to rear wheel drive only, lowered it put full stainless steel headers decat and straight pipes on her. Mopar inlet manifold rebored throttle body, chrome pan style air filter   performance leads cap and coil,    Went like the wind anyone who drove her loved it.

I took my dog out in it tracks and lanes, till one day I got stuck on wet grass, slight incline, anyway 3 ladies came and tried to push me out!.

well that was the end of 2wd!

The stainless steel header had to go, the problem was that it the join hit the front diff, I tried every thing to change this, but that's why it was used in the states for rear wheel drive only, because of straight front axle.

So I bought a 2.5 petrol going for parts, had 2 good axles, front came with brand new callipers  😃, rear was Chrysler 8.25, so swopped my front over, but the gearing was different, so ended up striping and rebuilding the diff with one from my garage. which in turn meant that I wasn't going to fit 8.25 to the rear, mine was ok and had lots of new bits on it. 

New bearings, seals  and reshimmed it, I love you tube. 

Then got tyres too,( not get stuck on wet grass), the 33 Inch tyres arrived, Bugger there big! 

So read up you can fit 31 inch tyres without having to cut your arches, bugger again!

But I couldn't stop there, so ordered a rough country 2.1/2 lift kit, fitted that, I have had my axle off and on so many times I could now do it in my sleep.

removed the outer arches, got angle grinder shut my eyes cut the wing arch bigger, but my wheels have a 2 inch off set, so look like you have spacers on, but I don't. But unlikely to pass MOT with no outer arches    

As my wheels stick out to far, plus every trip out mud is thrown up side of truck bonnet roof screen  and anyone you are passing.

At £300 or £400 quid for some wide arches, I found some used defender ones that I could fit for £40. So I watched some more you tub, said watch drilling the hole near the washer bottle under n/s front wing, so I did watch as all my new bright green screen wash emptied its self all over my wheel!. 

fitted all done, just wanted to up grade the lpg from throttle body type to lpg injector type, 3 days in I fried my ecu!, you know the type with immobiliser, that you cant get round at all ever!! 3 months she was off the road

I thought I would have to scrap her, there was no way getting round Immobiliser its linked into everything, through ECU. You cant reprogram OBD11 because of the computer Chrysler code they use in states.

But in the end I found the only jeep specialist in the uk in Norwich who said he could it if I found Identical ECU all part numbers had to match, from year to import set up etc. which I did. 

anyway It works out now I have some experience on fixing old jeeps and I have a shed full of parts that I wish to sell, and am very undecided about parting with my xj, I just spend to much time and money on her, which is why I find my self on site again. pulls I met Jim,whos site we are on 🖕.  I will be listing bits lots of bits very shortly.     


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