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JKU Clearout


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With me getting rid of my JKU and replacing with JL, I find I have a number of items now surplus to requirement.


These items are:


Rugged Ridge Eclipse Sunshade (pics below).  Note this has been fitted to a 2015 JKU which means the central velcro strap has been cut down to suit model year. This mod means it will only fit 2010 - 2018.
I am looking for £45.00 shipped.


SmittyBilt tailgate table.  (pics below).  This 2door and 4door Wranglers from 07-18.  Folds down, folds up.  Has a couple of cup holders when folded down.  Allows for Molle bags to be attached when folded up. New you are looking around £270 new (shipped from mainland Europe).

I am looking for £100.  Due to the weight and size, this is collection only, from Milton Keynes.  Would be happy to meet halfway for any interested buyer.


Rugged Ridge Magnetic Protection Panel kit (no pics).  These have been used and bear the trees marks.  Front door panels do have the allied star on them, but in the same colour as the black mag panels.  They will fit JKU 06-16.  New from Jeepey, you are looking at £300 for a set.

I am looking £120.  As with the tailgate table this would be collection only, from Milton Keynes; the box they came in is a little on the large side.


I am looking to get rid of these items within the week.  If there are no takers, they will be skipped.


any questions, message me.


Thank you









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