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LPG Jeeps 2022 and onward


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Does your Jeep run on LPG? I have been using LPG in my 1993 XJ for a long time. I think petrol was 60p a litre when I had the first conversion done. Although the conversion was expensive, it paid for itself in less than a year in the fuel savings on my 4.0L with LPG around 30p a litre at the time .


Moving forward to 2022 and I was hoping to get my 2001 XJ converted to a modern LPG system and redo my 1993 with the same. I was going to have an external 55 litre LPG cylinder replace the OEM petrol tank and have a custom made 20-25 litre stainless steel petrol tank to fill in the available gaps. However, in the last year one of my three local LPG filling stations has removed it's LPG pump, and another has put up it's price from 65p a litre to £1.10!


Many former LPG equipped petrol stations have had their LPG storage tanks removed to make way for electric car charging bays. It is becoming harder to find LPG on journeys to refuel, Morrisons and ASDA still hanging on to LPG at some key locations. I guess where they don't want electric cars clogging up their forecourts for hours and the sales of LPG eclipse the margins they make on charging. LPG is a massive profit maker per litre for the retailer compared to petrol or diesel even at the 50% of petrol price normally charged.


I am worried that public LPG refuelling is going to disappear very quickly and all that will be left is at private fleet pumps. In the early days I had a refuelling account with a local taxi firm at their 24hr unmanned yard. It was great, open all the time and I got billed monthly 5p a litre cheaper than the forecourts. But you can't do long journeys on that basis. You need to be able to refuel while you are away.


Running on LPG my 4.0L as a daily driver has the same running costs as a 1.6L petrol Ford Focus. Do you think LPG still has a future? I guess if AutoGas does disappear, camper van people with fridges and heating running on refillable bottles or built in systems are going to run dry too. 

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Huge LPG fan and have run it on a number of Rover v8s.  I'm planning to convert my JTR when i come back to the UK, apparently the 3.6 pentastar lump goes well on LPG.

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I have been a huge LPG fan in the past.  RR 3.5 V8 and then a Discovery 4.0 V8.


Sadly what you describe is true.   LPG has fell by the wayside as it was just too good for the Green Taliban to deal with.

A waste product of oil production that burns pretty much completely so no particulates and marginal CO2.


Whats not to like?


As far as I am aware Calorgas centres always have an LPG pump and are in most towns.


That may help.  

And I do remember seeing a photo of a chap with an old LR with a Propane bottle fixed to the spare wheel frame on the rear door.  The tank was fitted upside down so as to supply as a liquid.   The report said it went well.   

Not sure I could get away with that on the M27……..

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